“Winterize your Vehicle”

November 2020 Home Improvement Topic from Menards

We all know winter can bring hazardous driving conditions and nothing is worse than being unprepared. Vehicle safety is especially important when colder days hit. Follow these safety measures to make the journey through winter easier, safer, and smarter. 


Battery – Cold temperatures can reduce the power of your battery. Routine maintenance checks can save you from being stranded in the cold with a dead battery. Having jumper cables in your vehicle is an extra precaution that can save not just your battery life but potentially someone else’s.  

Brakes – When icy roads hit, so do the brakes. Make sure your brake pads aren’t worn out and are working properly. Prevent sliding by going a safe speed during winter conditions to prevent slamming on the breaks and possibly sliding into unplanned areas.  

Heat/Defrost – We all like a warm vehicle during the chilly months.  Check your heat/defrost controls to make sure they are working properly and can keep your windshield clear of unwanted fog and moisture. Visibility is vital. Installing heavy duty winter wipes pushes snow, ice, and other winter debris off your windshield to ensure a clear visual of the road.

Tires – Consider switching to winter tires to improve grip on the road and resist cold temperatures. Composed of tread patterns and rubber compounds designed for optimum traction, winter tires are always a good safety precaution especially if your neck of the woods gets hit with heavy snowfall. 


Tire Pressure – Maintaining accurate PSI levels in your tires help traction, handling, and durability. Refilling as necessary is vital to keep control of your vehicle on icy roads. 

Washer Fluid – Mixing half antifreeze and half washer fluid can prevent coolant in your radiator from freezing while keeping your windshield clear and clean. In colder conditions, antifreeze aids in keeping washer fluid from sticking and freezing to your windshield.


Ensuring your vehicle is equipped with an emergency kit, extra clothing, shovels, scrapers, and other tools can give you ease of mind in case an accident or emergency does happen. 



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