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February 15, 2023


Congratulations everyone, we have our first egg of the 2023 season! The first egg came around 12:30 PM today. The pair has been preparing the nest bole with soft grasses and leaves for a few weeks. The female has been slowing down, spending more time in the nest and the male has been bringing food to her in the nest. These are signs that an egg was imminent. Watch for more eggs in the coming days.  Average time between egg laying is 63 hours (between 2-3 days). How many eggs do you think she will lay this year? Tune in and watch!


February 21, 2023


On Saturday, February 18 just before noon, the female laid her second egg. Her mate has been providing food and trading off incubation duties.  The mate is never far away, keeping a watchful eye over the nest for intruders or predators.  Both of the eagles have delivered more nesting material in anticipation of the coming snow storm.  

Seventeen to twenty-four inches of snow are predicted for the area between today and Thursday morning.  The snow will provide insulation for the eggs as they incubate. The eggs are now nestled further down in the soft fur, feathers, leaves and grasses tucked in around them.

Will there be a third egg?  Tune in and keep an eye on the bole when the eggs are being turned to see if egg number three emerges this week. In 34 to 39 days, there just might be fuzzy-headed chicks to watch!







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