Kitchen Delights 5/12/19

May is here! What an April we had. Never in my 80 plus years, do I remember seeing weather change so quickly. The transformation of the winter weather turning over to spring in one-week’s time, was the highlight of my week. I’m so happy the cold weather is gone; the arthritis in my joints feels so much better.

The birds that are back are happy. They didn’t know what was going on. The flowers can start to pop out of the ground and the lawns will turn bright green. Now, we just need to have some lovely rains. I love Spring!


Asparagus Stuffed Chicken Rolls

8 fresh asparagus spears

2 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves (5 oz. each)

1 T. Dijon mustard

1/4 tsp. salt & pepper

1/4 tsp. poultry seasoning

2 slices Provolone cheese

2 slices deli ham

1/4 c. flour

1 egg, lightly beaten

1/2 c. dry bread crumbs

1/4 c. grated Parmesan cheese

1-1/2 tsp. butter

1-1/2 tsp. olive oil

1/4 c. white wine or chicken broth


In a large skillet, bring 1/2 inch of water to a boil. Add asparagus; cover and boil 3 minutes. Drain. Immediately place asparagus in ice water. Drain and pat dry.

Place chicken between sheets of wax paper. Flatten with a meat mallet to 1/4 inch thickness. Spread mustard over one side of each chicken breast. Down the center of each, season with salt, pepper and poultry seasoning. Then place a cheese slice, a ham slice and four asparagus spears. Fold chicken over asparagus; secure with toothpicks.

Place flour and egg in separate shallow bowls. Another bowl with the bread crumbs, Parmesan cheese. Dip chicken in flour, then into egg, then into the bread crumbs.

In a large skillet, brown chicken on all sides in butter and oil. Transfer to an 8-in. square baking dish coated with cooking spray. Add wine to skillet, stirring to loosen browned bits from pan. Pour over chicken.

Bake at 350° for 20-25 minutes or until chicken is no longer pink. Discard toothpicks.


Sweet n Sour Deviled Eggs

12 hard-boiled eggs, peeled

1/3 c. + 1 T. mayonnaise

2 tsp. sugar

2 tsp. cider vinegar

1 tsp. grated onion

1 tsp. yellow mustard

1/2 tsp. salt

1/4 tsp. pepper

Sprinkling of paprika

Minced fresh parsley


Slice eggs in half lengthwise; remove yolks, set whites aside. In a small bowl, mash egg yolks with a fork. Add mayonnaise, sugar, vinegar, onion, mustard, salt and pepper. Spoon or pipe the creamy egg yolk mixture into the egg whites. Garnish with paprika and parsley.

Yield: 24 servings


Cowboy Picnic Baked Beans

1/2 lb. ground beef

1/2 c. diced onion

55 oz. can pork & beans

16 oz. can kidney beans, rinsed & drained

15-1/2 oz. can black-eyed peas, rinsed & drained

6 hickory smoked bacon strips, browned & crumbled

1/2 c. brown sugar

1/3 c. barbecue sauce

2 T. molasses, opt.

2 T. yellow mustard

2 T. cider vinegar

1/2 tsp. chili powder

1/2 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. pepper


In a Dutch oven, cook beef and onion until lightly browned. Add the rest of the ingredients. Cover, bake in oven at 350 degrees for 1-1/2 hours.

To do in the slow cooker: Brown beef and onion. Brown bacon after the beef and onion. Transfer to slow cooker; add rest of ingredients. Cook on low 7-8 hours.

May substitute the kinds of beans you prefer.

Yield: 15-18 servings


Peanut Butter Caramel Bars


1 yellow cake mix

1/2 c. butter

1 egg

20 miniature peanut butter cups, chopped



12-1/4 oz. jar caramel ice cream topping

2 T. cornstarch

1/4 c. peanut butter

1/2 c. salted peanuts, chopped



1-1/2 c. milk chocolate chips

1/4 c. salted peanuts, chopped


In a mixing bowl, combine the dry cake mix, butter and egg; beat until cake lumps are beaten out. Press into a greased 9x13 inch baking pan. Layer on the chopped peanut butter cups. Bake at 350 degrees for 12-15 minutes, or until lightly browned.

Meanwhile, in a saucepan or microwave-safe bowl, combine caramel topping, peanut butter and cornstarch. Cook just until smooth and slightly thickened. Stir in peanuts; spread over warm crust. Return to oven, bake 6-7 minutes.

Melt chips; spread over bars. Sprinkle with additional chopped peanuts.

Yield: 3 dozen


Darlene’s Molasses Cookies

3/4 c. shortening

1/2 c. molasses

1 c. + 1 T. sugar

1 egg

2 tsp. baking soda

1 tsp. cinnamon

1 tsp. ginger

3/4 tsp. cloves

1/2 tsp. nutmeg

1/2 tsp. pumpkin pie spice

1/2 tsp. salt

2-1/4 c. flour


In mixing bowl, cream shortening, molasses and sugar (the favorite molasses is Grandma’s Molasses®). Beat in egg, baking soda, the five spices and salt. Gradually add the flour and stir in. Dough will be somewhat firm.

Roll into balls, flatten tops just a little. Place on cookie sheets 2 in. apart. Bake at 350 degrees for 9 minutes. No longer.

Melt 3 blocks from a package of white almond bark with 3/4 teaspoon of vegetable oil (melt in a bowl or large cup). Using a table knife, dip knife in the white coating, drizzle over the cookies. I always double the recipe. I bake 1/2 and place the rest of the dough in covered plastic container in the freezer. Then I can bake fresh cookies next week.

Yield: 3-4 dozen


Helpful Hints:

Twin size bed sheet makes an excellent table cloth. It’s the right size. The fitted twin sheet fits really nice and stays in place.

Keeping berries fresh! Place berries in a bowl of cold water with a tablespoon of white vinegar. Place in a colander. Refrigerate - ready to eat. They will not taste like vinegar.

To remove stubborn stains in your sink or bathtub, spray with oven cleaner and, after 20 minutes, scrub and rinse. This even works on bad stains on cement sidewalks and driveways.

“Remember, you are not only the salt of the earth, but the sugar.”


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