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The Drummer's office is located at 108 Central Avenue (Hwy. 25) in Buffalo. Our mailing address is: The Drummer, P.O. Box 159, Buffalo, MN 55313.

A weekly printed version of The Drummer (founded in 1971) circulates copies free to readers and newsstands all around Wright County and parts of surrounding counties on Sundays. An "Early Edition" of The Drummer's classified section is rushed to newsstands by midday Fridays, so those ads can be in your hands at the earliest possible time. Those same ads are available to you on the internet by later Friday afternoon, when our web page is updated.

The Wright County Journal-Press is our weekly community newspaper covering Buffalo and surrounding areas of Wright County. Established way back in 1887, it has a paid circulation of about 5,600 copies each Thursday. We invite you to subscribe. The Wright County Journal-Press is also available on newsstands. Some of the news, sports and feature stories published in the Journal-Press each week are also included as part of thedrummer.com internet edition.


Journal-Press archives and back issues

Wright County Journal Press - Complete back issues are normally available at the Journal-Press office, in limited quantities for approximately one year after date of publication. No clippings are available at the Journal-Press (only complete issues of the paper) for a limited time. Address 108 Central Avenue, P.O. Box 159, Buffalo, MN 55313. Tel. 763-682-1221.

The Buffalo Public Library - The library maintains microfilms of this newspaper going back many decades. The library also keeps paper copies for a year or two back from the present date. 
Copies from microfilm are available at the library, but their policy is that a person must come to the library and actually make the copies. The library does NOT offer that service by mail or e-mail.
Contact Buffalo Public Library at 18 Lake Blvd. NW, Buffalo, MN 55313. Tel. 763-682-2753.

Wright County Heritage Center - The Heritage Center maintains both microfilm records and a file of clippings (particularly of obituaries) provided by their volunteers. They can usually provide a microfilm copy or clipping if you send a stamped, self-addressed envelope together with a letter listing specific information. They also appreciate a small contribution to cover the cost of their materials.
Contact The Wright County Heritage Center at 2001 N. Hwy. 25, Buffalo, MN 55313. Tel. 763-682-7323.

NOTE - The Wright County Journal-Press of today actually dates from the original Buffalo Journal, which was first published on February 2, 1887 at Buffalo. The Buffalo Journal was later combined with the Wright County Press in 1931. Since that time the newspaper has carried the name Wright County Journal-Press.
The Minnesota Historical Society at St. Paul, MN, may also be a resource if the materials cannot be found locally.