After a typical birth by Caesarian, the baby is taken away and checked, but during a natural C-section, mom and baby both benefit from immediate close contact as the baby is checked.  Angela Guse, shown with her newborn, Ozias, said, "It was so beautiful."  (Photos courtesy of Victoria Edwards)


A happy dad, Shawn (right), gets acquainted with Ozias (left) shortly after he arrived in the world.


Before the natural C-section takes place, Angela is visited by the birth team members (from left): Cynthia Lies, Amy Dongoski, Jackie Larson-Hanson, Amie Schwartz, Nick Lejcher, Jill Banker and Teri McNelis.


The Guse family together at home.  Angela and her husband, Shawn, are shown with their children, Beck, Ozias and Kai.  (Photo courtesy of Amy Thies Photography)