The old barn has a brighter new look at Ralph Ordorff's place, where he has been busy in recent years  decorating.  He said he has sawn and painted close to 60 animal figures.  (Photos by Ed DuBois)


Getting around with a golf cart, Ralph takes some laundry off his outdoor clothesline.


A lion greets visitors as they enter Ralph's driveway from Pulaski Rd.


The apple is being replaced by a horse at some point in the near future.


This elk is located on the far eastern end of Ralph's property along Pulaski Rd.


With a little help, Ralph is planning to display this panther in a tree at his place.  Now and then, family, friends and neighbors give him a hand.


Hearts decorate Ralph's house.  He has lived here since buying the place in 1948.  He said he milked cows until 1985.


This farm building, which Ralph calls "Ralph's Paintin' Shack," features a deer, an elk and a shorthorn cattle sign.


The display would not be complete without bison.


Some of the displays feature paintings.


A black bear family on a tree trunk can be seen a few hundred feet west of Ralph's house, just off Pulaski Rd.


An antelope is displayed just east of the house.


This pair of moose are set up near a black bear family in a tree.