Information about working cats ready to go to work is regularly provided to interested parties.  This is Sidney.  (Photo courtesy of Anne Lally-Rose)


The coordinator of the Working Cats Program, Anne Lally-Rose, site manager at the Buffalo location, holds an office cat, Ninja.  (Photo by Ed DuBois)


The adoption center at the Animal Humane Society's Buffalo location is where the Working Cats Program is coordinated.  (Photo by Ed DuBois)


This working cat is Moby.  Some of the working cats are approachable to a certain extent.  (Photo courtesy of Anne Lally-Rose)


This cat was waiting to be evaluated.  Some cats are appropriate for households, and others can enter the Working Cats Program.  (Photo by Ed DuBois)


Need a mouser?  Mina, one of several working cats, can handle the job.  The program started in January.  (Photo courtesy of Anne Lally-Rose)