A love for dance led Buffalo High School graduate Jessica Bjore to try out for the Minnesota Vikings cheerleader team, and she has been a member of the unit last year and this year.  She plans to try out again for the 2017-18 season because it has been "too much fun."  (Photo courtesy of Minnesota Vikings)


During an appearance in Buffalo last September, Jessica poses at Parkside Elementary School.  (Photo courtesy of Buffalo Hanover Montrose School District)


Now living in St. Paul, Jessica has been able to stay in touch with close friends from Buffalo.  (Photo by Ed DuBois)


During the game against the Giants on Oct. 3, this picture of Jessica was taken.  (Photo courtesy of Minnesota Vikings)


The cheerleaders wore special pink and purple outfits for a breast cancer awareness game against the Texans in October.  That's Jessica on the far right.  (Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings)