The shape of the new stadium in downtown Minneapolis can now be seen.  About 13 cranes are working at the site, and one of the largest is being operated by Tim Busse of Buffalo, along with his son, Jeff.  The tall red crane on the left is similar to a crane they are operating inside the stadium.  (Photo by Ed DuBois)


At the controls of the Manitowoc 18000, Tim looks comfortable.  (Photo courtesy of Tim Busse)


Tim's son, Jeff, joined the project in March and works with his dad.



At the base of the Manitowoc 18000, Tim and Jeff pose for a picture.  The 660-ton crane has a 440-foot boom, which can reach out 265 feet.  (Photo courtesy of Tim Busse)


The single biggest piece of steel to be lifted is this 700,000-pound east ridge truss.  The giant CC6800 crane is doing the lifting.  (Photo courtesy of Tim Busse)