Sick women and children wait to be seen during a 2014 mobile medical clinic in Liberia.  Representing Teamwork Africa, Mandy Duerr of the Buffalo Hospital served with volunteers last spring.  They returned to the USA before a reemergence of Ebola in July.  (Photos courtesy of Mandy Duerr)


Nancy poses with her husband, Pastor George. Nancy died in August due to Ebola.


Otetha (left), an outreach coordinator, and Khakie (right) discuss strategy for a clinic.  Khakie, a very helpful teacher and mentor, died in August due to Ebola.


Before her first trip to Africa, Mandy poses with her children: Caleb (standing), and (front, from left) Miriam, Isaac, Jacob, and Sarah.


Before a departure to Africa, Mandy poses with her husband, Jim.


Overseeing a mobile medical clinic, Mandy helped rotate all trainees through different areas.


The New Life Medical Center is part of a campus with a guesthouse, a school and a farm.