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Journal-Press Internet Sports & School - September 21, 2017
Rob LaPlante

Journal-Press Sports Editor Rob LaPlante may be reached by phone at 763-682-1221 or click here to email him

Buffalo off to fast start in pool

Bison secure win with top finishes in 400 free relay

By Rob LaPlante

Sports Editor

On a night where many were constantly peeking up at the scoreboard, Buffalo sophomore Sydney Polzin wasn't.

Needing all 12 events to clinch their second win in as many meets, the Bison girls swim/dive squad improved to 2-0 with a 103-83 home win last Thursday over Rogers.

A talented Royals squad won six of the 12 events and led 8-6 after a first-place finish in the 200 medley relay. Buffalo grabbed the lead for good when they took 11 of a possible 16 points in the 200 freestyle. Junior Tianna Kosek led the way with a first-place time of 2:01.10. Junior Julia Kolles (2:07.74) and sophomore Caitlin Drews (2:17.71) finished third and fourth, respectively.

The Bison's lead never grew bigger than 10, however, and the Royals trailed 91-81 heading into the final event of the night.

 "I really didn't look at the score very much," Polzin said. "I didn't want to focus on the scoreboard. I usually just focus on my events and doing my best."

Needing only eight events to clinch the win last week against a smaller Princeton squad, Polzin admitted the dual with Rogers was a lot more entertaining.

"You have more people to race against, and there are better times," Polzin said. "It's just more fun when there's more competition."

Polzin swam first for Buffalo's A-relay team in the 400 freestyle that finished second (4:08.53) in the final event of the night. Other members of that relay included eighth grader Emily Strommen, sophomore Zoe Carik, and Kosek as the anchor.

Needing at least four points heading into the final event to clinch the win, Bison head coach Rachel Busch did some strategizing.

The four points, plus eight more that Buffalo's B-relay team earned with a first-place time of 4:04.78 was more than enough to clinch the win. Swimming the 400-free relay in lane two was Kolles, junior Madeline Hill, junior Kaitlyn Schendel, and eighth grader Kolby Schendel.

"The goal was to go first and second instead of first and third in the final relay," Busch said. "We didn't know exactly how Rogers would put together its 400 free relay. Once we realized who they had left, we knew with our C-relay team that we could go 1-2-3."

The Bison did just that. Buffalo's C-relay team of freshman Trinity Geyen, seventh grader Kaylie Carik, sophomore Kennedy Stromberg, and seventh grader Ellie Carik finished third in 4:19.41. Relays can only score twice out of three finishes, so Rogers' fourth-place finish earned the final two points.

Other Bison highlights included first-place scores from seventh grader Brianna Shroyer in the 200 individual medley (2:22.83), senior Alex Zeiss in diving (282.95), Kolles in 100 butterfly (1:04.66), and Kaitlyn Schendel in 500 free (5:59.50). Schendel's time was a personal best.

Not finishing first, but clearly the most exciting race ended with Kosek second (54.18) to Rogers' Beth Kelzer (53.43) in the 100 free. Both swimmers qualified for state a year ago in both the 50 and 100 free. Kelzer edged Kosek for top spot in last year's section meet.

Kosek didn't race the 50 free last Thursday, but the 100 free started with Kosek grabbing the early lead after the first 50, but Kelzer passed her for good halfway through the final 50.

"That was a great race for Tianna," Busch said. "Those are great races early in the season for her confidence. We know she has some things she needs to work on, but she'll be dedicated to work on them in practice."



Some of the state's top teams took part in last Saturday's 16-team Laker Invitational, hosted by Minneapolis Southwest on the campus of St. Catherine's University in St. Paul.

This was the Bison's first time participating in the Laker Invite. With five-ranked teams participating, Buffalo held its own with a sixth-place finish of 181 points.

Blake, ranked No. 4 in Class A, won the invite with 342 points. Finishing second with 275.5 points was No. 8 ranked St. Michael-Albertville, who was the only other area school participating.

"We put together the fastest lineup that we could," Busch said. "We've never been to that meet before, so it was really good competition for us."

Zeiss won the 11-dive event with a top-score of 437.25. Kosek had a second-place finish of 25.10 in the 50 free. Brianna Shroyer was fifth at 1:13.40 in the 100 backstroke and joined teammates Kosek, Kolby Schendel, and freshman Kassy Shroyer for a fourth-place time of 1:56.17 in the 200 medley relay.

STMA posted first-place finishes in all three relays, as well as firsts by Jordyn Schnell in the 100 free and Emma Lezer in the 100 backstroke.

The Bison's sixth-place score was higher than two top-10 schools ranked in Class A. Orono, ranked No. 10, finished seventh with 143 points and No. 6 ranked Hill-Murray was ninth at 120.

Minneapolis Southwest, ranked No. 7 in Class AA, finished fourth at 238.

"It's a lot of fun to swim at a place where college people swim at," said Polzin, who swam the invite in the 200 medley relay, 200 free, 100 back, and 200 free relay. "It's nice to swim against different teams other than our conference."

Next up for Buffalo (2-0) is a 6 p.m. home dual Thursday, Sept. 21 against Monticello. The swim meet will feature an appearance from the Bison cross country teams, who will do their annual homecoming run from the visiting town of Monticello to the pool at BCMS.


Buffalo 103, Rogers 83

(Thursday, Sept. 14 at Buffalo)

200 Medley Relay (8-4-2): 1. Rogers (Amber Secrist, Andie Timpe, Beth Kelzer, Abbi Northuis) 1:53.77; 2. Buffalo (Sydney Polzin, Brianna Shroyer, Caitlin Drews, Elle Kaiser) 2:00.85; 3. Buffalo (Kaitlyn Schendel, Madeline Hill, Kennedy Stromberg, Julia Gleason) 2:08.41. (6-8)

200 Freestyle (6-4-3-2-1): 1. Tianna Kosek (B) 2:01.10; 2. Andie Timpe (R) 2:01.71; 3. Julia Kolles (B) 2:07.74; 4. Caitlin Drews (B) 2:17.71; 5. Kenzi Otkin (R) 2:19.86. (17-13)

200 Individual Medley (6-4-3-2-1): 1. Brianna Shroyer (B) 2:22.83; 2. Kolby Schendel (B) 2:25.36; 3. Amber Secrist (R) 2:25.77; 4. Kayli Huber (R) 2:32.75; 5. Lauren Tate (R) 2:24.41. (27-19)

50 Freestyle (6-4-3-2-1): 1. Beth Kelzer (R) 24.64; 2. Julia Gleason (B) 26.50; 3. Abbi Northuis (R) 26.84; 4. Elle Kaiser (B) 27.25; 5. Sydney Polzin (B) 27.54. (34-28)

1-Meter Dive (6-4-3-2-1): 1. Alex Zeiss (B) 282.95; 2. Meghan Schaeffer (R) 203.85; 3. Hannah Finstad (R) 194.15; 4. Megan Otten (R) 173.15; 5. Miranda Passig (B) 161.70. (41-37)

100 Butterfly (6-4-3-2-1): 1. Julia Kolles (B) 1:04.66; 2. Lauren Tate (R) 1:08.07; 3. Caitlin Drews (B) 1:08.88; 4. Kennedy Stromberg (B) 1:10.08; 5. Kathryn Donahue (R) 1:14.89. (52-42)

100 Freestyle (6-4-3-2-1): 1. Beth Kelzer (R) 53.43; 2. Tianna Kosek (B) 54.18; 3. Abbi Northuis (R) 58.97; 4. Elle Kaiser (B) 1:00.72; 5. Maya Adler (R) 1:05.45. (58-52)

500 Freestyle (6-4-3-2-1): 1. Kaitlyn Schendel (B) 5:59.50; 2. Kenzie Otkin (R) 6:10.13; 3. Emily Strommen (B) 6:11.95; 4. Kennedy Stromberg (B) 6:24.31; 5. MacKenzie Rick-Moores (R) 6:33.18. (69-57)

200 Freestyle Relay (8-4-2): 1. Rogers (Andie Timpe, Amber Secrist, Abbi Northuis, Beth Kelzer) 1:44.71; 2. Buffalo (Julia Gleason, Kolby Schendel, Caitlin Drews, Tianna Kosek) 1:45.52; 3. Buffalo (Brianna Shroyer, Trinity Geyen, Elle Kaiser, Julia Kolles) 1:50.21. (75-65)

100 Backstroke (6-4-3-2-1): 1. Amber Secrist (R) 1:01.88; 2. Sydney Polzin (B) 1:05.71; 3. Zoe Hiers (R) 1:09.91; 4. Kaitlyn Schendel (B) 1:10.04; 5. Samantha Sylvester (R) 1:16.52. (81-75)

100 Breaststroke (6-4-3-2-1): 1. Andie Timpe (R) 1:11.08; 2. Brianna Shroyer (B) 1:13.27; 3. Kolby Schendel (B) 1:17.21; 4. Kayli Huber (R) 1:20.38; 5. Lauren Verweg (R) 1:22.01. (91-81)

400 Freestyle Relay (8-4-2): 1. Buffalo (Julia Kolles, Madeline Hill, Kaitlyn Schendel, Kolby Schendel) 4:04.78; 2. Buffalo (Sydney Polzin, Emily Strommen, Zoe Carik, Tianna Kosek) 4:08.53; 3. Buffalo (Trinity Geyen, Kaylie Carik, Kennedy Stromberg, Elle Carik) 4:19.41. (103-83); *4. Rogers (Kenzie Otkin, Samantha Sylvester, Maya Adler, Lauren Tate) 1:01.31. (103-83)


Minneapolis Laker Invite

(Saturday, Sept. 16 at St. Catherine's)

Team scores: 1. Blake 342; 2. St. Michael-Albertville 275.5; 3. East Ridge 252; 4. Minneapolis Southwest 238; 5. Cretin-Derham Hall 183.5; 6. Buffalo 181; 7. Orono 143; 8. St. Louis Park 135; 9. Hill-Murray 120; 10. St. Paul Central 114; 11. Marshall 98; 12. Woodbury 94; 13. Rochester John Marshall 61; 14. Fridley 42; 15. Rochester Mayo 32; 16. St. Paul Highland Park/St. Paul Academy 14.

Individual scores (1st and Bison only)

200 Medley Relay: 1. STMA (Kelsey Kocon, Emma Lezer, Taylor Ripplinger, Jordyn Schnell) 1:52.67, 40 pts; 4. Buffalo (Kolby Schendel, Brianna Shroyer, Kassy Shroyer, Tianna Kosek) 1:56.17, 30 pts; 21. Buffalo (Sydney Polzin, Medaline Hill, Caitlin Drews, Julia Gleason) 2:07.22; 26. Buffalo (Emily Strommen, Marna Hanson, Kaylie Carik, Elle Kaiser) 2:11.32.

200 Freestyle: 1. Elle Niebuhr (Minneapolis Southwest) 1:59.48, 20 pts; 19. Julia Kolles (B) 2:10.96; 23. Kaitlyn Schendel (B) 2:12.84; 28. Sydney Polzin (B) 2:14.25.

200 Individual Medley: 1. Madison Potter (Blake) 2:08.69, 20 pts; 12. Brianna Shroyer (B) 2:25.71, 5 pts; 22. Elle Kaiser (B) 2:32.76; 30. Emily Strommen (B) 2:38.36.

50 Freestyle: 1. Peyton D'Emanuele (Minneapolis Southwest) 24.88, 20 pts; 2. Tianna Kosek (B) 25.10, 17 pts; 8. Kassy Shroyer (B) 25.96, 11 pts; 19. Kolby Schendel (B) 26.95.

1-Meter Dive: 1. Alex Zeiss (B) 437.25, 20 pts; 9. Miranda Passig (B) 278.15, 9 pts.

100 Butterfly: 1. Madison Potter (Blake) 57.78, 20 pts; 6. Kassy Shroyer (B) 1:02.04, 13 pts; 19. Caitlin Drews (B) 1:08.58; 26. Kennedy Stromberg (B) 1:11.30.

100 Freestyle: 1. Jordyn Schnell (STMA) 54.81, 20 pts; 15. Julia Kolles (B) 58.99, 2 pts; 22. Kaitlyn Schendel (B) 1:00.21; DQ: Tianna Kosek (B).

500 Freestyle: 1. Kate Van Meter (Cretin-Derham Hall) 5:17.58, 20 pts; 26. Emily Strommen (B) 6:05.90; 27. Kaylie Carik (B) 6:06.02; 35. Madeline Hill (B) 6:18.75.

200 Freestyle Relay: 1. STMA (Jordyn Schnell, Kally Riley, Faye Roberts, Ashton Hobza) 1:44.17, 40 pts; 8. Buffalo (Julia Gleason, Kassy Shroyer, Julia Kolles, Tianna Kosek) 1:48.25, 22 pts; 15. Buffalo (Caitlin Drews, Kaitlyn Schendel, Sydney Polzin, Elle Kaiser) 1:52.61, 4 pts; 25. Buffalo (Kaylie Carik, Trinity Geyen, Marna Hanson, Kennedy Stromberg) 1:55.71.

100 Backstroke: 1. Gabi Baldwin (Hill-Murray) 59.94, 20 pts; 6. Kolby Schendel (B) 1:04.79, 13 pts; 10 Sydney Polzin (B) 1:05.98, 10 pts; 35. Caitlin Drews (B) 1:14.43.

100 Breaststroke: 1. Emma Lezer (STMA) 1:06.05, 20 pts; 5. Brianna Shroyer (B) 1:13.40, 14 pts; 22. Marna Hanson (B) 1:18.99; 39. Madeline Hill (B) 1:28.11.

400 Freestyle Relay: 1. STMA (Ashton Hobza, Kelsey Kocon, Faye Roberts, Emma Lezer) 3:43.41, 40 pts; 10. Buffalo (Brianna Shroyer, Kaitlyn Schendel, Julia Kolles, Kolby Schendel) 3:59.01, 14 pts; 22. Buffalo (Elle Kaiser, Julia Gleason, Marna Hanson, Emily Strommen) 4:13.13; Buffalo (Madeline Hill, Trinity Geyen, Kennedy Stromberg, Kaylie Carik) 4:23.15.


Bison score big in latest victories

Quiring, Johnson spark offense in recent wins; Magic win in OT

By Rob LaPlante

Sports Editor

Buffalo's two biggest offensive weapons helped lead the Bison girls' soccer team back into the win column.

Senior forwards Lauren Quiring and Sydney Johnson combined for seven points in a 6-2 road win last Thursday at Big Lake.

Quiring had three goals and one assist. Johnson scored once and had two helpers. More importantly, the victory ended Buffalo's four-game losing streak, a streak that saw the offense shutout in three of the four losses.

"It was good to get on the board," said head coach Sarah Rodenwald. "We had been really struggling, but we played well and got a couple big goals prior to the Big Lake game in a 4-2 loss to Princeton."

Quiring, who has had a knack this season for scoring big goals, tallied the game's first two goals at Big Lake. Hornet forward Reagan Stemquist cut the lead to 2-1, but Johnson tallied her second of the year at the 33:59 mark, giving the Bison a 3-1 halftime lead.

Johnson's recent offensive surge can be attributed to a switch in positions. She opened the year at midfield, but was moved up to forward in the Princeton game.

"We weren't getting scoring opportunities," said Rodenwald, when asked about the switch. "We have a stronger group of kids this year in midfield. We have high-quality players across the field who are working hard every day. We looked at the move as an opportunity to break through the net. We weren't getting any offense, so we had to do something."

Ryan Chev eCouponsThe two forwards were at it again in Buffalo's 3-0 home win last Saturday over St. Cloud Tech.

In a span of just over seven minutes midway through the first half, Quiring registered two goals and one assist. Johnson had a goal and two assists.

Quiring opened the scoring at the 21:41 mark on a nice centering pass from Johnson. At 19:47, Johnson buried a rebound off a Quiring shot making it 2-0. Quiring tallied her second of the game and team-leading seventh of the season at 14:20 on a breakaway.

"I think having Sydney up top and having us play striker together makes everyone else on the field feel more comfortable again," Quiring said.

Ironically, Quiring's first goal against Tech came shortly after getting injured.

"I got smacked in the face," Quiring said. "I got a bloody nose, so I was running around the rest of the game with a cotton swab in my nose."

LaPlant made seven saves in goal to record her second shutout of the season.

Buffalo's mini two-game win streak was ended Tuesday night at Monticello. Ava Emmerich's goal in the first overtime proved to be the winner.

Buffalo led by scores of 1-0 and 2-1 in the first half. Johnson opened the scoring and senior Lindsay Decker made it 2-1. Abi Frandsen scored both first-half goals for the Magic.


Buffalo 6, Big Lake 2

(Thursday, Sept. 14 at Big Lake)

Buffalo3  3   -  6

Big Lake1  1   -  2

Goal Scoring:

First Half: B -- Lauren Quiring; B -- Quiring; BL -- Reagan Stemquist; B -- Sydney Johnson.

Second Half: B -- Hannah Helmbrecht; BL -- Stemquist; B -- Quiring; B -- Jordan Hutchcraft.

Assists: Sydney Johnson 2, Hannah Helmbrecht, Jordan Hutchcraft, Lauren Quiring , Lauren Boyd.


B - Carly LaPlant 10 shots, 8 saves; P - Taylor Moen (loss).


Buffalo 3, St. Cloud Tech 0

(Saturday, Sept. 16 at Buffalo)

St. Cloud Tech0  0   -  0

Buffalo0  3   -  3

Goal Scoring:

First Half: No scoring.

Second Half: B -- Lauren Quiring; B -- Sydney Johnson; B -- Quiring.

Assists: Sydney Johnson 2, Lauren Quiring.


SCT - Becka Nikolas (loss); B - Carly LaPlant (win) 7 shots, 7 saves.


Monticello 3, Buffalo 2

(Tuesday, Sept. 19 at Monticello)

Buffalo2  0  0   -  2

Monticello2  0  1   -  3

Goal Scoring:

First Half: B -- Sydney Johnson; M -- Abi Frandsen (FK); B -- Lindsay Decker; M -- Frandsen.

Second Half: No scoring.

First Overtime: M -- Ava Emmerich.

Assists: Sydney Johnson 2, Lauren Quiring.


B - Carly LaPlant (loss); M - Lauren Jones (win) 7 shots, 7 saves.


Top-ranked Elks rout Bison 45-13

Defending champs rush for 502 yards

By Rob LaPlante

Sports Editor

The offense is predictable – stopping it is anything but.  

Led by a ground game that amassed 502 total yards, the defending Class 5A football champion Elk River Elks earned a decisive 45-13 home win last Friday over visiting Buffalo.

The outcome was one that seemed to surprise Bison head coach Todd Bouman, who felt his team had a solid week of preparation for Elk River's unique rushing attack that features a three-man backfield and tons of deception.

"In all honesty, I felt great coming into this weekend," Bouman said. "This was a game I thought we could come out and pull off the upset."

An upset appeared to be brewing early on as Buffalo forced a turnover on downs on Elk River's opening possession.

The Bison responded with a drive that eventually stalled at the Elk River five-yard line.

The first quarter would end scoreless, but the Elks dented the scoreboard first after Adam Nelson capped off a 95-yard scoring drive with a 15-yard touchdown run. Quarterback Mitch Stroh converted the first of four successful two-point conversions for the 8-0 lead.

The score was the beginning of a second-quarter rout.

Stroh followed Nelson's score with a 19-yard rushing touchdown. Buffalo had a glimmer of hope when senior fullback Tannor Schiller cut the deficit to 16-6 on a 4-yard rushing score with 3:31 left in the first half.

The Elks scored twice in the final two minutes of the half as Nelson converted on runs of eight and 10 yards for a 30-6 halftime lead.

Bouman shouldered part of the blame for the third Nelson touchdown run, but the lack of execution on both sides of the ball is what disappointed him most.

"Before half, we probably should have taken more clock off the time and gone into half down 24 points instead of 30 – that's on me," Bouman said. "I'm just frustrated, because our offense is way better than we've played the last two weeks, especially in the first half of both games. Until everyone does their job on every single play, it's going to be like this. You have to do your job and trust your teammates will do theirs – on offense or defense. We're not getting that right now. It's what I call chasing ghosts."

The Bison's defense continued to chase ghosts in a second half that featured second and third stringers for the Elks.

On a night where Elk River rushed 67 times without one passing attempt, Nelson's 93 yards on 12 carries was the team lead. A total of 17 players contributed to Elk River's 502 total rushing yards.

Nelson credits his teammates and last year's talented senior class for Elk River's 3-0 start this season.

"We're just trying to build off the senior leadership we had last year," he said. "I think as the game moved further, our offensive line did their jobs and the running backs sold their fakes. It gave everyone good opportunities to score."

Chandler Flint's five-yard rushing score with 9:47 left in the fourth quarter would give the Elks a 45-6 lead.

Buffalo closed out the scoring on a seven-yard connection from sophomore quarterback Aidan Bouman to junior wide receiver Treyton Welch with 6:58 left. Welch's receiving TD was his fourth in three games, but Elk River held Buffalo's top threat to a season-low three catches for 47 yards.

"We feel every week we have the advantage on offense," said Bison senior defensive back John Gaughan. "We just need to execute, and we didn't do that tonight."

With injuries on defense to key seniors Alan Hernandez and Jaiden Russell, and junior Zach Phillips, it was Gaughan stepping up once again and finishing among the team leaders in tackles with seven.

"We knew coming in that this would be a tough game, but we also knew Elk River wasn't the same team they were last year," Gaughan said. "Obviously, it wasn't our best game. We didn't play what we know we're capable of."

Schiller was the lone player who did stand out offensively. Besides his second-quarter TD, he led the team with five catches for 114 receiving yards. He also had 22 rushing yards.

The loss dropped Buffalo to 1-2 overall and 1-1 in the North Central Blue.



Buffalo hosts Andover at 7 p.m. Friday at Bison Field West in the Bison's homecoming game.

This is the first ever meeting between the two schools. Andover is 2-1 overall and 2-0 in the Blue Division. The Huskies are playing their first season in the North Central District.

Both teams feature spread offenses with dynamic weapons on the outside.

Knowing they are facing a near mirror-image of its own offense, Gaughan said he's excited for a new challenge.

"We know Andover likes to throw the ball like us," Gaughan said. "That should be an exciting game."

Both teams have also shown they aren't one dimensional on offense. Junior Riley Habisch was held to a season-low 50 yards on 13 carries against the Elks, but leads the Bison with 276 rushing yards in three contests.

Andover amassed 668 total yards on offense, including 383 from the ground in last Friday's 62-41 home win over Chisago Lakes.

"When we fall behind early like we did in this game, our offense becomes one dimensional," Bouman said. "In all honesty, our run game has been very good, but falling behind big made us predictable. We just have to start establishing more consistency within our offense and sustain first downs. We have to put more points on the board." 


Elk River 45, Buffalo 13

(Friday, Sept. 15 at Elk River)

Buffalo           0     6    0     7    –   13

Elk River           0   30    8     7    –   45


First quarter

No scoring.

Second quarter

ER -- Adam Nelson 15 run (Mitch Stroh 2-pt. run) 11:34

ER -- Stroh 19 run (Stroh 2-pt run) 8:04

B -- Tannor Schiller 4 run (pass failed) 3:31

ER -- Nelson 8 run (Nelson 2-pt run) 1:58

ER -- Nelson 10 run (pass failed) 0:45.

Third quarter

ER -- James Heinzen 1 run (Tyler Leshovsky 2-pt. run) 7:15.

Fourth quarter

ER -- Chandler Flint 5 run (Brock Hildenbrand kick) 9:47

B -- Tteyton Welch 7 pass from Aidan Bouman (Danika Tweten kick) 6:58.

Individual stats:

Bison leaders:

Passing – Aidan Bouman 12-32--243, TD; Treyton Welch 0-2--0.

Rushing – Riley Habisch 13-50; Jayden Wistrom 4-38; Tannor Schiller 4-22, TD; Justin Ellis 1-4; Aidan Bouman 4-(-20).

Receiving – Schiller 5-114; Welch 3-47, TD; Jack Munsterteiger 1-42; Habisch 2-28; Joe McNamara 1-12.

Tackles – Joey Farniok 10; Jacob Muhich 8, John Gaughan 7, Dustin Sarvie 7, Schiller 6, Tony Dahl 4, Wesley Wilson 4, Ryan Kluver 4, McNamara 3, Tristan Eull 3, Daunte Matilla 3, Carter Jerde 3, Habisch 2, Welch 1, Ty Zwack 1, Jackson Reay 1, Zak Karels 1, Steven Johnson 1, Hunter Poncius 1.

Elks leaders:

Passing – Mitch Stroh 0-0--0; Tyler Leshovsky 0-0--0; Beau Ruby 0-0--0.

Rushing – Adam Nelson 12-93, 3 TDs; Stroh 8-88, TD; Jon Suchy 3-55; Logan Enkhaus 8-49; Tyler Leshovsky 5-39; Arik Nordenstrom 5-33; Joe Nordstrom 2-22; Jimmy Heinzen 4-18; Collin Nelson 1-16; Maxwell Barnett 2-10; Trent Soukup 1-9; Jaz Brodzinski 2-8; Chandler Flint 2-5, TD; Brandon Kidd 1-3; Tyler Benson 1-2; Adlai Bade 1-0; Saul Gonzalez 1-0; Beau Ruby 1-(-4).

Receiving – None.

Tackles -- Rey Roske 12, Stroh 10, C. Nelson 8 (sack), Kevin Egbujor 6, Zach Berg 6, Logan Enkhaus 5, Tristan Carlson 5, Jon Suchy 5, Nordenstrom 5, Patrick Boland 5, Flint 4, A. Nelson 4, Jackson Sundt 3, Cory Hughes 3, John Kricich 2 (sack), Noah Langlais 2 (sack); 9 other players tied at 2; 3 players tied at 1.


Win streak snapped at 14; Becker takes invite

Another busy week results in rare defeat

By Rob LaPlante

Sports Editor

Buffalo head coach Scott Larsen used last Saturday's home invitational as a chance to experiment.

With three matches in one day, Larsen juggled his doubles pairings to the tune of seven different lineup combinations. The end results was a 6-3 doubles record and second-place team finish.

Buffalo opened with a more traditional lineup in a 7-0 decisive win over Mound Westonka.

The Bison earned straight-set wins in each of the matches. Eighth-grader Anna Lee, undefeated in 2017, was pushed to the limit in her No. 2 singles match against White Hawk senior Jamie Goldberg. Lee would prevail in two long sets 6-4, 7-6 (8-6).

Mound Westonka would go on to lose 4-3 to Becker and defeated Farmington 5-2 in the third-place match. The Tigers went 0-3 after previously losing 4-3 to Becker and 6-1 to Buffalo.

The Bison's six points against Farmington again came in straight sets. The lone Tiger point came at No. 1 doubles, where Jamie Ellis and Kjerstin Hall won a hard fought 1-6, 7-6 (7-3), 7-4 victory over Buffalo junior Cassie McNitt and sophomore Ella Stevens.

McNitt and Stevens were moved up to the top spot as Larsen elected to split senior captains Mya Lubben and Claire Stevens further down in the doubles lineup for that match.

The juggled lineup continued into the invite's championship game with Becker, where the Bulldogs capitalized for a 4-3 win.

Buffalo senior and No. 1 singles player Simona Potockova was given the match off to rest. Lee stepped into Potockova's No. 1 spot and earned a 6-0, 6-0 win.

Lee's usual spot at No. 2 singles was occupied by Lubben, who dropped her opening set 6-3, but rallied to force a tiebreaker after a 6-4 win in the second set. With the match on the line, Becker senior Taylor Pawlicki took the third-set tiebreaker 10-5.

Pawlicki's point proved to be the difference in the match. Buffalo led 3-2 with points at No. 1 and No. 4 singles, and No. 2 doubles.

The loss ended Buffalo's 14-game match win streak. Despite the loss, Larsen was impressed with how everyone handled different situations.

"Being able to move people in the lineup around and still be competitive is a reflection of how deep of a team we are," Larsen said. "We have a strong group that are all close in talent level. It is very nice to have those options."

Going a perfect 3-0 at the invite in singles play was Lee, who improved to 15-0 on the season. Seventh grader Alaina Lee was 2-0 at No. 4 singles, but lost at No. 1 doubles with Stevens against Becker.



Buffalo remained perfect in conference play with a 7-0 win last Thursday at Monticello.

All matches ended in straight sets with Potockova, both Lee sisters, and junior Emma Carlson all winning in singles play. Claire Stevens and Lubben, Ella Stevens and McNitt, and sophomore Ohnica Melenich and junior Perrin Thompson won in doubles play.

The Bison improved to 6-0 in conference play and 15-2 overall with a 6-1 road win Tuesday at Cambridge-Isanti.

Buffalo swept all three doubles matches and won at one, two, and four singles.


Buffalo 7, Monticello 0

(Thursday, Sept. 14 at Monticello)

Singles: No. 1 – Simona Potockova (B) def.  Emma Garnier-Chevassus (M) 6-0, 6-0; No. 2 -- Anna Lee (B) def. Megan Rousslang (M) 6-1, 6-1; No. 3 -- Emma Carlson (B) def. Grace Schillewaert (M) 6-0, 6-0; No. 4 -- Alaina Lee (B) def. Eileen Mavencamp (M) 6-3, 6-3.

Doubles: No. 1 – Claire Stevens & Mya Lubben (B) def. Lexi Dockendorf & Chloe Leach (M) 6-1, 6-2; No. 2 -- Ella Stevens & Cassie McNitt (B) def. Hannah Daniels & Gina Bourgeois (M) 6-2, 6-1; No. 3 -- Ohnica Melenich & Perrin Thompson (B) def. Brooke Haag & Kaitlyn Hellman (M) 6-1, 6-3.


Buffalo Invitational

Buffalo 7, Mound Westonka 0

(Saturday, Sept. 16 at Buffalo)

Singles: No. 1 – Simona Potockova (B) def. Alexandra Welty (MW) 7-6 (7-5), 6-0; No. 2 -- Anna Lee (B) def. Jamie Goldberg (MW) 6-4, 7-6 (8-6); No. 3 -- Emma Carlson (B) def. Molly Schoephoerster (MW) 7-5, 6-1; No. 4 -- Alaina Lee (B) def. Diana Hoernermann (MW) 6-2, 6-0.

Doubles: No. 1 – Claire Stevens & Mya Lubben (B) def. Carter Phillips & Leah Richter (MW) 6-3, 6-4; No. 2 -- Cassie McNitt & Ella Stevens (B) def. Mackenzie Anderson & Lily Hames (MW) 6-2, 6-3; No. 3 -- Ohnica Melenich & Perrin Thompson (B) def. Lauren Burris & Grace Prchal (MW) 6-1, 6-4.


Buffalo Invitational

Buffalo 6, Farmington 1

(Saturday, Sept. 16 at Buffalo)

Singles: No. 1 – Simona Potockova (B) def.  Ashley Renwick (F) 6-0, 6-0; No. 2 -- Anna Lee (B) def. Makayla Bauer (F) 6-0, 6-0; No. 3 -- Emma Carlson (B) def. Taylor Ellis (F) 6-2, 6-3; No. 4 -- Alaina Lee (B) def. Abby Clayton (F) 6-2, 6-1.

Doubles: No. 1 – Jamie Ellis & Kjerstin Hall (F) def. Cassie McNitt & Ella Stevens (B) 1-6, 7-6 (7-3), (7-4); No. 2 -- Claire Stevens & Hillary Hovland (B) def. Tori Montbriand & Sydney Hubbard (F) 6-1, 6-2; No. 3 -- Mya Lubben & Ohnica Melenich (B) def. Kailey Felch & Kami Fynstad (F) 6-0, 6-2.


Buffalo Invitational

Becker 4, Buffalo 3

(Saturday, Sept. 16 at Buffalo)

Singles: No. 1 – Anna Lee (B) def.  Anna Ritchie (BE) 6-0, 6-0; No. 2 -- Taylor Pawlicki (BE) def. Mya Lubben (B) 6-3, 4-6, (10-5); No. 3 -- Courtney Nuest (BE) def. Emma Carlson (B) 6-0, 6-2; No. 4 -- Vanessa Blanchet (B) def. Blair Pappenfus (BE) 6-0, 6-1.

Doubles: No. 1 – Hannah Bengtson & Megan Nelson (BE) def. Claire Stevens & Alaina Lee (B) 7-5, 6-1; No. 2 -- Ella Stevens & Cassie McNitt (B) def. Payton Bernstrom & Alayna Lindquist (BE) 6-4, 7-5; No. 3 -- Ally Kangas & Julia Bengtson (BE) def. Ohnica Melenich & Perrin Thompson (B) 4-6, 6-4, (10-5).


Buffalo 7, Cambridge-Isanti 0

(Tuesday, Sept. 19 at C-Isanti)

Singles: No. 1 – Simona Potockova (B) def.  Lily Marlton (CI) 6-1, 6-0; No. 2 -- Emma Carlson (B) def. Annie Fredlund (CI) 6-3, 3-6, 6-4; No. 3 -- Jordyn Kusske (CI) def. Alaina Lee (B) 3-6, 6-1, 6-0; No. 4 -- Vanessa Blanchet (B) def. Chloe Hajek (CI) 6-3, 6-1.

Doubles: No. 1 – Claire Stevens & Mya Lubben (B) def. Kayla Leibel & Shelby Parent (CI) 6-2, 2-6, 6-4; No. 2 -- Ella Stevens & Cassie McNitt (B) def. Lauren Kindem & Ashley Ladd (CI) 6-3, 6-3; No. 3 -- Ohnica Melenich & Perrin Thompson (B) def. Anna Leibel & Maddie Pynes (CI) 6-0, 7-6, (7-2).


Bison Singles Records

Anna Lee15-0

Simona Potockova11-0

Emma Carlson11-4

Alaina Lee7-4

Vanessa Blanchet6-2

Claire Stevens2-0

Mya Lubben2-1

Nicole McHenry0-1

Gina Miller0-1

Team Totals54-13

Bison Doubles Records

Ella Stevens14-3

Ohnica Melenich 13-4

Mya Lubben12-2

Claire Stevens12-3

Cassie McNitt12-5

Perrin Thompson8-1

Alaina Lee3-1

Hillary Hovland3-4

Gina Miller1-0

Team Totals76-20


Bison remain unbeaten in conference

Bison-Magic play to wild 2-2 OT tie

By Rob LaPlante

Sports Editor

Four goals in the final 40 minutes propelled the Buffalo boys' soccer team to a 5-1 home win last Thursday over Big Lake.

Senior Marvin Orozco Barajas scored twice, including the eventual game winner 10:27 into the second half.

Buffalo and Big Lake were tied 1-1 at halftime. Orozco Barajas opened the scoring 12:23 into the game. Big Lake's Braden Stromberg scored the equalizer with 8:50 left in the first half.

Senior Ben Ruhr made it 3-1, scoring his first career varsity goal with 12:33 left in the game. Junior Conor Smrz made it 4-1 with 1:32 left. Senior Travis Scotting concluded the scoring with 26 seconds left. It was Scotting's first career varsity goal.

Smrz's goal was his team-leading fifth of the season. Although he was left pointless, senior Brent Fiore still is tied with Orozco Barajas for second on the team with three goals.

Having new players contribute has been a welcome site for Smrz. A total of six different players scored in Buffalo's previous game, a 6-2 win last Sept. 12 against Princeton.

"Brent and I have been finding the net most of the games, so it was nice to be able to distribute the offense and have other people put the ball in," Smrz said. "The Big Lake game felt good. It felt like the team was really coming together and making good plays."

Noah Raisanen faced only six shots to record the win in goal.



The Bison's three-game winning streak came to an end with a 3-0 road loss last Saturday at Maple Grove.

Jack Glecker's goal five minutes into the contest proved to be the difference. Jeff Clune and Mattias Mueller also scored first-half goals for the No. 10 ranked Crimson.

"We weren't connecting our passes or possessing the ball at all that first half," said Bison head coach Joe Pokorney.

Slow starts and strong finishes has been the ongoing trend against non-conference opponents. Buffalo dropped to 0-5 against non-Mississippi 8 opponents.

"We always seem to come out a little sluggish in the first half, which isn't a good idea, but it happens," Smrz said. "We just seem to want it more in the second half."

After 40 minutes of domination by the home team, the Bison went toe-to-toe with the Crimson in a scoreless second half.

Buffalo was outshot 6-1 for the game, but a physical second half resulted in more possession and a less tilted field.

"We discussed at halftime on working on connecting our passes and making it easier for our teammates," Pokorney said. "It got better as far as possession, but they are solid all over the field. You have to earn it against them."



Tuesday's road game at Monticello featured the Magic, last year's conference champion, against the Bison, last year's runner-up.

Both teams went undefeated a year ago with the Magic earning the Mississippi 8 title based on an extra win over an extra tie for Buffalo.

Both teams came into this year's matchup 3-0 in conference play. Both left Monticello Stadium 3-0-1 after a wild 3-3 overtime time.

Smrz and senior Sam Studee gave Buffalo a 2-0 halftime lead.

"They won conference last year, so we were excited for this one," Smrz said.

The Magic forced overtime on second-half goals by Tyler Anderson and Marc Nuyts.

Bailey Geyen-Helget gave Monticello a 3-2 lead in the first overtime, but Bison senior Marvin Orozco Barajas goal with 50 seconds left in the first overtime preserved the tie.


Buffalo 5, Big Lake 1

(Thursday, Sept. 14 at Buffalo)

Rogers1  0   -  1

Buffalo1  4   -  5

Goal Scoring:

First Half: B -- Marvin Orozco Barjas; BL -- Braden Stromberg.

Second Half: B -- Orozco Barajas; B -- Ben Ruhr; B -- Conor Smrz; B -- Travis Scotting.

Assists: Jack Leipoltz, Luke Quiring, Nick Lund, Ben Ruhr.


BL - N/A (loss) 8 shots, 3 saves; B - Noah Raisanen (win) 6 shots, 5 saves.


Maple Grove 3, Buffalo 0

(Saturday, Sept. 16 at Maple Grove)

Buffalo3  0   -  0

Maple Grove0  0   -  3

Goal Scoring:

First Half: MG -- Jack Gleckler; MG -- Jeff Clune; MG -- Mattias Mueller.

Second Half: None.

Assists: Jack Gleckler, Cameron Barbour, Josh Machtemes.


B - Noah Raisanen (loss) 6 shots, 3 saves; MG - Matt Hennessee (win) 1 shot, 1 save.


Buffalo 3, Monticello 3, OT

(Tuesday, Sept. 19 at Monticello)

Buffalo2  0  1  0  -  3

Monticello0  2  1  0  -  3

Goal Scoring:

First Half: B -- Sam Studee; B -- Conor Smrz, PK.

Second Half: M -- Tyler Anderson; M -- Marc Nuyts.

First Overtime: M -- Bailey Geyen-Helget; B -- Marvin Orozco Barajas.

Second Overtime: No scoring.

Assists: N/A.


B - Logan Vajda, 2 shots, 2 saves; Noah Raisanen (tie) 15 shots, 12 saves; M - Jacob Johnson (tie) 8 shots, 6 saves.


Bison teams race well at familar courses

By Rob LaPlante

Sports Editor

Racing in only her second meet of the season, Bison junior Emily Kern did something nobody has been able to do the past couple seasons – finish ahead of teammate Amanda Montplaisir.

Kern's time of 20:22.8 ninth overall and led the Bison girls' to a seventh-place (157 points) team finish in last Thursday's Hutchinson Invite at Lake Marion.

Montplaisir, a senior, has finished with the Bison's fastest time in every meet she's raced in since her sophomore year. She finished the Lake Marion course second to Kern and 12th overall in 20:32.3. Neither times were either runners best.

"Amanda and Emily ran well considering the poor conditions," said co-head coach Dave Knutsen. "Emily was able to pull away a little at the end."

Kern's first race of the season resulted in a team-best time of 19:44.66 at the Monticello Invite last Sept. 9 at Bertram Park. Montplaisir did not run in that race.

Other scorers at Hutch included sophomore Emma Latcham-Reiter (31st-22:27.2), senior Meredith Reynolds (49th-23:52.1), and sophomore Danielle Ruhr (56th-24:14.1).

On a down note, Buffalo's No. 2 runner most of the season, sophomore Alexis O'Malley, did not race due to illness.

The Bison girls' finally had a full roster at Tuesday's Waconia Invite at Crown College.

After one of her lowest finishes of the season, Montplaisir responded with a third-place overall time of 19:46.8. The Bison finished fourth with 111 points. Chanhassen won the meet with 67.

O'Malley returned to the lineup and finished 15th in 21:19.3. Kern was 17th in 21:26.1.



The strong season shown by the Bison boys' continues, particularly junior Isaac Basten, who was medalist for the fourth time in as many races with a first-place time of 16:52.3 at Hutch.

Buffalo's 58 points was 10 lower than Prior Lake's 68.  Despite the win, times went up accoring to Knutsen.

"It was a very hot and humid day," Knutsen said. "Race conditions were tough. We did not run well as a team, but still ended up with the victory."

All six of Buffalo's runners finished among the top-20.  Sophomore Nick Oak was 12th (17:43.2), junior Brett Hanson 13th (17:54.7), senior Braden Benson 14th (17:59.9), junior Joey Anderson 18th (18:02.6), and junior Ryan Russek 20th (18:03.5.

Minus Basten, Buffalo still scored 62 points to finish second at Tuesday's Waconia Invite at Crown College. Chanhassen won with 67.

"Even without our top-two runners, we were very close with Chanhassen," Knutsen said. "We did not beat them at all last year."

Oak stepped up to lead Buffalo with an eighth-place time of 17:23.5. Six of Buffalo's seven runners all broke 17 minutes.

Benson finished 10th overall (17:32.4), Anderson 12th (17:34.8), Russek 13th (17:37.8), eighth-grader Jadon Boots 19th (17:49.3; and junior Austin Willey 23rd (17:59.2). Junior Alexei Hensel was 30th in 18:33.0.

The Crown College race was Buffalo's home meet a year ago due to poor conditions at Buffalo Heights Golf Course.


Hutchinson Invite (Boys)

(Thursday, Sept. 14 at Lake Marion)

Team scores: 1. Buffalo 58; 2. Prior Lake 68; 3. Willmar 108; 4. Marshall 121; 5. Mankato West 149; 6. Mankato East 151; 7. Waseca 169; 8. Chaska 180; 9. Hutchinson 206; 10. New Prague 207; 11. Orono 274.

Medalist (71 runners): 1. Isaac Basten (Buffalo) 16:52.3.

Bison places-overall: 1-1. Isaac Basten 16:52.3; 2-12. Nick Oak 17:43.2; 3-13. Brett Hanson 17:54.7; 4-14. Braden Benson 17:59.9; 5-18. Joey Anderson 18:02.6; 6-20. Ryan Russek 18:03.5; 7-48.


Hutchinson Invite (Girls)

(Thursday, Sept. 14 at Lake Marion)

Team scores: 1. Willmar 55; 2. Marshall 55; 3. Waseca 101; 4. Prior Lake 118; 5. New Prague 134; 6. Mankato West 141; 7. Buffalo 157; 8. Chaska 205; 9. Mankato East 224; 10. Orono 241.

Medalist (71 runners): 1. Mallory Stach (Prior Lake) 19:45.6.

Bison places-overall: 1-9. Emily Kern 20:22.8; 2-12. Amanda Montplaisir 20:32.3; 3-31. Emma Latcham-Reiter 22:27.2; 4-49. Meredith Reynolds 23:52.1; 5-56. Danielle Ruhr 24:14.1; 6-60. Sarah Volden 25:04.4.

Waconia Invite (Boys)

(Tuesday, Sept. 19 at Crown College)

Team scores: 1. Chanhassen 58; 2. Buffalo 62; 3. Mankato East 90; 4. Chaska 105; 5. Glencoe-Silver Lake 158; 6. Belle Plaine 170; 7. Watertown-Mayer 219; 8. Heritage Christian Academy 219; 9. Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted 224; 10. LeSueur-Henderson 227; 11. Delano 248; 12. Rockford 275.

Medalist (86 runners): 1. Torin Christianson (Chanhassen) 16:34.12.

Bison places-overall: 1-8. Nick Oak 17:23.5; 2-10. Braden Benson 17:32.4; 3-12. Joey Anderson 17:34.8; 4-13. Ryan Russek 17:37.8; 5-19. Jadon Boots 17:49.3; 6-23. Austin Willey 17:59.2; 7-30. Alexei Hensel 18:33.0.


Waconia Invite (Girls)

(Tuesday, Sept. 19 at Crown College)

Team scores: 1. Chanhassen 67; 2. Belle Plaine 70; 3. Waconia 110; 4. Buffalo 111; 5. Rockford 140; 6. Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted 152; 7. Chaska 188; 8. Glencoe-Silver Lake 217; 9. Heritage Christian Academy 224; 10. Delano 233; 11. LeSueur-Henderson 237; 12. Mankato East 239; 13. Watertown-Mayer 390.

Medalist (87 runners): 1. Kaleesa Houston (Waconia) 19:27.0.

Bison places-overall: 1-3. Amanda Montplaisir 19:46.8; 2-15. Alexis O'Malley 21:19.3; 3-17. Emily Kern 21:26.1; 4-30. Meredith Reynolds 22:06.9; 5-46. Emma Latcham-Reiter 22:49.7; 6-57. Lily Hanson 23:37.7; 7-69. Danielle Ruhr 24:46.6.


Bison Volleyball nets three wins at Hopkins Tourney

By Rob LaPlante

Sports Editor

Finishing ninth rarely is cause for celebration, but the Buffalo volleyball squad left last Saturday's Hopkins tournament feeling decent about after its ninth-place finish.

Having only dented the win column once prior to last Saturday's 16-team tournament, the Bison shook off a 2-1 (25-15, 18-25, 15-10) opening-round loss to Eastview to finish with three straight 2-0 wins, including a 25-19, 25-21 victory over St. Louis Park in the ninth-place championship game.

"We had a slow start against Eastview, but made a good run at them in the second and third games," said Bison head coach Jenn Peterson. "The girls were very dissatisfied with the loss and came out really aggressive the next match."

 The Bison responded by playing one of their best overall matches of the season in a 25-18, 25-14 consolation quarterfinal victory over Minneapolis Washburn.

"We made very few errors, finished with 17 service aces, and had a hitting percentage above .300," Peterson said.

Senior Kari Zumach had 16 kills. Sophomore Nicole Odeen had 19 assists and eight aces. Senior Payton Dannewitz added five aces. The 17 points off the serve is something that Odeen says can really be a game breaker.

"Being able to serve effectively helps the team a lot," she said. "We were in a rut before this match, but having an aggressive server go back to the line helps a lot."

The victory over the Millers placed Buffalo in the ninth-place semifinal bracket, where they responded with a hard-fought 28-26, 29-27 win over Park Center.

Zumach again was the attack leader with 18 kills. Defensively, sophomore Maddie Johnson led the team with eight digs. Senior Aivary Bouman finished with seven digs and senior Jad Schrupp had six.

"That was a fun match," Peterson said. "Both games went extra points, and we got strong defense and serve receive from Zumach, Jade, Aivary and Maddie."

Buffalo completed the tourney with the 2-0 win over the Orioles of St. Louis Park. Zumach was held to just eight kills, but sophomore Lauren Ehlers stepped up and finished with seven. Bouman had five kills and three assists.

The 3-1 record posted in the tourney improved Buffalo's overall mark to 4-8. Maple Grove finished as tournament champions with a three-set win over Hopkins.

Players and coaches are hopeful that the good play at Hopkins can carry over into the second half of the season.

"I think we were all very happy with our performance, considering the bumpy start we had," Odeen said. "Coming away with three wins feels really good. Defense helped a lot over the weekend. I think overall we had really good hustle and good placement with the ball."

"This tournament definitely gave the team some confidence," Peterson said. "We were able to address some areas that needed improvement. They could also watch some other high-caliber teams and learn from those matchups."

Prior to the Hopkins tourney, Buffalo dropped a 3-0 conference match last Thursday at St. Michael-Albertville.

What worked well in the final three matches at Hopkins, didn't click at St. Michael. Buffalo's hitting percentage finished at .085 percent. Zumach had 10 kills.

The Knights won a 25-22 close first set, and later cruised to win 25-15, 25-11. Syra Tanchin led STMA with 16 kills and seven digs. Samantha Palmer had 12 kills. Lexie Nelson had 37 assists and three aces.

Buffalo followed up the Hopkins Tourney, winning its fourth straight match and improved to 5-8 overall with a 3-0 (25-18, 27-25, 25-17) road win Tuesday at Orono. The key point came when Buffalo rallied from a 23-21 second-set deficit.


STMA 3, Buffalo 0

(Thursday, Sept. 14 at STMA)

Buffalo22  15  11  -  0 (48)

STMA   25  25  25  -  3 (75)

Bison stats:

Kills: Kari Zumach 10, Aivary Bouman 4, Lauren Ehlers 3, Payton Dannewitz 1.

Set Assists: Nicole Odeen 17.

Service Aces: Dannewitz 2.

Digs: Zumach 12, Odeen 10, Maddie Johnson 9, Dannewitz 6, Ehlers 4, Bouman 4, Jade Schrupp 3.

Blocks-solo: Kennedy Sohler 4-0; Kari Zumach 2-0; Nicole Odeen 2-0; Dannewitz 1-0.


Hopkins Tourney (Match 1)

Eastview 2, Buffalo 1

(Saturday, Sept. 16 at Hopkins)

Eastview  25  18  15  -  2 (58)

Buffalo  15  25  10  -  1 (50)

Bison stats:

Kills: Kari Zumach 12, Kennedy Sohler 4, Lauren Ehlers 3, Aivary Bouman 3, Maddie Johnson 1.

Set Assists: Nicole Odeen 13, Bouman 1, Jade Schrupp 1.

Service Aces: Payton Dannewitz 3, Schrupp 2.

Digs: Johnson 7, Bouman 3, Zumach 2.

Blocks-solo: Zumach 4-2, Bouman 2-0, Ehlers 1-0, Sohler 1-0.


Hopkins Tourney (Match 2)

Buffalo 2

Minneapolis Washburn 0

(Saturday, Sept. 16 at Hopkins)

Washburn    18  14  -  0 (32)

Buffalo    25  25  -  2 (50)

Bison stats:

Kills: Kari Zumach 16, Aivary Bouman 4, Lauren Ehlers 1.

Set Assists: Nicole Odeen 19, Bouman 1.

Service Aces: Odeen 8, Payton Dannewitz 5, Maddie Johnson 2, Zumach 2.

Digs: Johnson 2, Zumach 2, Jade Schrupp 2, Faith Winter 1.

Blocks-solo: Dannewitz 3-0, Odeen 2-0, Ehlers 2-0, Bouman 1-0.


Hopkins Tourney (Match 3)

Buffalo 2, Park Center 0

(Saturday, Sept. 16 at Hopkins)

Buffalo  28  29  -  2 (57)

Park Center 26  27  -  0 (53)

Bison stats:

Kills: Kari Zumach 18, Lauren Ehlers 4, Maddie Johnson 1, Kennedy Sohler 1.

Set Assists: Nicole Odeen 19, Aivary Bouman 1, Jade Schrupp 1.

Service Aces: Payton Dannewitz 2, Bouman 2, Schrupp 2, Odeen 1, Johnson 1.

Digs: Johnson 8, Bouman 7, Schrupp 6, Zumach 5, Odeen 4.

Blocks-solo: Sohler 4-1, Odeen 3-0, Bouman 1-0, Zumach 1-0.


Hopkins Tourney (Match 4)

Buffalo 2, St. Louis Park 0

(Saturday, Sept. 16 at Hopkins)

Buffalo  25  25  -  2 (50)

Park Center 19  21  -  0 (40)

Bison stats:

Kills: Kari Zumach 8, Lauren Ehlers 7, Aivary Bouman 5, Payton Dannewitz 2.

Set Assists: Nicole Odeen 17, Aivary Bouman 3, Zumach 1, Jade Schrupp 1.

Service Aces: Dannewitz 2, Maddie Johnson 2, Schrupp 1.

Digs: Johnson 8, Zumach 5, Odeen 3, Dannewitz 2, Kennedy Sohler 1, Schrupp 1.

Blocks-solo: Sohler 3-0, Zumach 2-0, Odeen 1-0, Ehlers 1-0, Bouman 1-0.


Buffalo 3, Orono 0

(Tuesday, Sept. 19 at Orono)

Buffalo25  27  25  -  3 (77)

Orono   18  25  17  -  0 (60)

Bison stats:

Kills: Kari Zumach 14, Lauren Ehlers 11, Aivary Bouman 6, Kennedy Sohler 2, Nicole Odeen 1, Payton Dannewitz 1, Maddie Johnson 1.

Set Assists: Odeen 23, Ehlers 1, Bouman 1, Jade Schrupp 1.

Service Aces: Bouman 3, Odeen 1, Johnson 1, Schrupp 1.

Digs: Bouman 15, Zumach 9, Johnson 8, Odeen 6, Schrupp 5, Dannewitz 2, Sohler 1.

Blocks-solo: Sohler 4-0, Odeen 3-0, Bouman 2-0, Zumach 2-0, Dannewitz 1-0.


'Bison Battles' Homecoming 2017


Buffalo High School's Homecoming Queen and King were crowned at Monday night's coronation ceremony at the Performing Arts Center. This year's winners are Danika Tweten (left) and Alan Hernandez (right). Both are members of the Bison football team. Tweten is a placekicker and Hernandez is a defensive linemen.


The members of the 2017 Buffalo High School Homecoming Royalty include (front row, left-right): Cory Knudsen, Gabrielle Grage, Jack Oistad, Madelyn Backes; (second row, left-right): Ella Shuherk, Carley Zumbusch, Jack Oistad, Nick Immel, Claire Stevens, Mya Lubben, Peter Deneen; (third row, left-right): Male Junior Royalty Blake Moll, Female Junior Royalty Jorja Karna; (back row, left-right): King Runner-up Eric Braun, King Alan Hernandez; Queen Danika Tweten, Queen Runner-up Abby Kohls. (Photos by Rob LaPlante)

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