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Caroline’s Cart helps

Shopping while taking along a child with special needs became much easier for local resident April Veches when Cub Foods obtained a Caroline’s Cart, she said.  She added that Target has ordered one, and she hopes other stores will also get some Caroline’s Carts.

Named after a child with special needs, Caroline’s Cart is similar to regular shopping carts, but it has a child seat that is bigger and easier to access, and April said the Caroline’s Cart is smooth and easy to maneuver.

There was a time when her husband would need to come and wheel their child through the store separately while April pushed a shopping cart.  But with a Caroline’s Cart, she can take her child and shop without the help of others.

“It’s a wonderful thing!” she said.

She mentioned a five-point harness for the child in the seat, and she also mentioned the seat can accommodate people up to 250 pounds, which means you could possibly bring an adult with special needs shopping with you.

Her child has out-grown regular shopping carts, and it is very difficult to get her child’s leg braces into the openings of a regular shopping cart seat.

“It’s a lifesaver for me,” she said about Caroline’s Cart.

You can learn more about Caroline’s Cart through Google and Facebook.  April hopes you will help urge other area stores to make Caroline’s Carts available.


Dubious weather recap

October has been dry so far.  No rain fell last week.  The high temperatures were mainly in the low 60s, and low temperatures were mostly in the mid-30s.


Thanks for the story

Thanks, Mark McNitt, for an interview about your new type of engine.  Read about his award-winning design, and an engine he hopes will take off.