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The ‘Big’ Bank

Dear neighbor,

Your timing was incredible.  After offering to stop by one day with tickets for a tour of the new US Bank Stadium, you happened to pick my birthday to follow through.

The timing of the 9 a.m. tour worked perfect last Saturday.  We were due at 10 a.m. to help some friends move from Shakopee to Bloomington.  We found a place to park just a few blocks from the stadium and waited only about ten minutes before people were invited to enter through the doors of the giant glass north side.  Everyone immediately began taking pictures with their phones of the lush green field circled by thousands of purple seats under a massive roof.

As a feeling of awe subsided, people began exploring.  They wandering down down a spacious concourse and ascended stairways to the upper seating areas.  Some found their way into the suites area to check out the view and admire numerous artworks with images of legendary Minnesota Vikings.  One person uttered, “I may as well go into a suite.  It will probably be the only time I will ever look inside one.”

As we looked down from the suites, people could be seen walking onto the playing field.  We headed down and saw club rooms with comfortable seating and tables, and we walked through the Vikings’ locker room, which is quite nice compared to the visitors’ locker room.  The field was squishy, almost like a thin memory foam pad.  Looking up from there, the stadium looks even bigger.

Thanks, neighbor, for the gift.  We enjoyed it very much.

We were only a little late to help our friends move.


Dubious weather recap

A few small amounts of rain showed up in the gauge last week.  A .65-inches reading was recorded Sunday morning, July 10, followed by .2 inches Tuesday morning, .3 inches Friday morning, and .24 inches Sunday morning, July 17.  The high temperatures last week were: 80, 85, 82, 80, 68, 76, and 78.  The lows were: 64, 68, 66, 67, 61, 60, and 56.  Tornadoes touched down Monday evening, July 11 along a path from Litchfield to Watkins and St. Cloud.


Thanks for the tip

Thanks, Troy Beise, for telling us about the classic cars and trucks highlighting the Wright County Fair.  See the feature page for more information.