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Words to live by

The younger son doesn’t say much, but sometimes when he does talk, he offers up a gem.

The other day on a walk, he was talking about spending habits, and he succinctly and efficiently described two types of people.

Some people go out of their way to save money, and some people spend money to avoid going out of their way, he basically said.

There in a nutshell, he stated what others might write volumes to explain.

It’s a gift.


Solar panels temporary

The Wright County Board had a brief but interesting conversation about solar energy arrays recently.  They have been wrestling with the question about whether or not to allow solar arrays on agricultural land.  The County Board’s desire to protect and preserve ag land is well established.

However, in regard to solar energy, the commissioners could be OK with panels in the fields.  The point was made that a farmer has a right to use the land the way he or she wishes.  If a farmer wants to lease property for a solar energy facility, “Who are we to get in the way?” a commissioner generally suggested.

Another point was made that solar arrays can be temporary.  The panels can be removed at some point, perhaps 25-30 years later, and farming can resume.

Allowing new houses on farmland is more permanent.  Solar panels are more easily removed than houses.


Dubious weather recap

Heat and humidity arrived last weekend, and some rain came last Thursday night.  About 1.25 inches of rain appeared in the gauge on the deck Friday morning, July 24.  The high temperatures last week were generally in the low 80s (except for a sticky 86 on Sunday, July 26), and the nighttime lows were mainly in the low 60s.


Thanks for the tip

Thanks, Tricia Manuel, for telling us your clown show is close to two decades old.  See a clown show story on the feature page this week.