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First mow

The gorgeous, sunny weather last weekend inspired a trip to Annandale for a nice, long walk with family members on the beautiful 18-hole disc golf course in Clearwater-Pleasant Regional Park.

Back at the house, the May-like weather also inspired a transfer of fuel from the snowblower to the lawn mower.  After the rain last week, the sun helped the lawn grow fast, and some of the longer grass was cut, giving the mower its first work of 2017.

If memory serves, this usually doesn’t happen until well into May.  But this year, the first mow was on April 23.

Many weather oddities have been occurring in recent times, such as early ice-outs, the earliest tornado in Minnesota history, mild winters, etc.  They make you wonder if the scientists might be right about global climate change and its cause.

Your reporter’s son has offered an interesting point of view now and then about the global warming controversy.  He asked, “If scientists are saying man-made pollution is causing global warming, wouldn’t it be prudent to do something about it just in case they’re right?”

He makes a good point.  We seem to be wasting way too much time arguing about it rather than taking steps to save the planet.

What if the scientists are correct?


Would He be OK with that?

Our current president appears to be more interested in removing anti-pollution regulations rather than making the air and water clean for the people of the world.  Would God be OK with that?


Dubious weather recap

The rain gauge on the deck showed about .375 inches Tuesday, April 18 and .52 inches Thursday morning, April 20.  The sun came out last weekend.  The highs and lows last week were: 64-45, 54-39, 61-46, 50-41, 49-38, 62-34, and 67-36.


Thanks for the tip

Thanks, Diane Sander, for sending your annual rain barrel news release.  See the feature page for an Earth Day story about rain barrels available from the Crow River Organization of Water (CROW).