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Blown over

The weeklong Buffalo Days celebration is packed with fun activities, and a favorite for at least one family is the Friday night fireworks.  This year, the event was more interesting than usual.

Fewer people than usual showed up in the concessions area of the Downtown Commons.  Around 8:30 p.m., a light rain was falling, and the relatively small number of people trying out the cuisine were doing so under umbrellas.  Some others without umbrellas or rain jackets did not appear to mind getting wet.

After the rain stopped, a strong wind started blowing things around, and it knocked down one of the big red umbrellas that was sheltering one of the red concession area tables.  The American flag was flapping furiously, and whitecaps were seen on Buffalo Lake.

The big raft from which the fireworks are launched was bobbing wildly.  A police officer near the boat landing in Sturges Park was asked if the fireworks show would be taking place as scheduled, and he said a lot of work went into preparing the show, so the plan was to go ahead and launch at 10 p.m.

Your reporterís imagination created mental videos of rockets launching from the bobbing raft and getting carried by the powerful wind into downtown businesses.  But in reality, the wind wasnít THAT strong, and soon after the fireworks began launching, the force of the wind diminished a little.

The show was long and glorious, and the smoke from the launches and airbursts gave everyone on shore and in the Downtown Commons an olfactory experience, in addition to an auditory and visual experience.  It was great!


Dubious weather recap

Buffalo Days concluded with some hot, humid weather, and included some rain last week.  Rain gauge readings included .35 inches Monday morning, June 13, 1.625 inches Wednesday morning and .27 inches Saturday morning.  The high temperatures last week were: 80, 74, 74, 73, 80, 83, and 84 (90 on Fatherís Day).  The lows were: 64, 63, 61, 64, 63, 64, and 64.


Thanks for a good time

The Buffalo Days Committee deserves a repeat thank-you this week for a great time throughout all the Buffalo Days events, and for all the time and effort that goes into pulling it all off every year.  Nice job!