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‘Fast N’ Loud’ return

The “Fast N’ Loud” boys returned to Wright County for a few more vehicle purchases.  Their TV episode on the Discovery Channel last week featured stops in French Lake Township and Monticello.

We published a story last April about their first trip to Wright County.  On their second trip, they bought a shortened VW van at French Lake Auto Parts, and then they bought a 1969 Plymouth GTX from Mary Ann Peterson in Monticello.

You may know Mary Ann through her many years of work in the Wright County Extension Service Office.

There was a fun segment in which Mary Ann went for a fast ride in the GTX, which could still produce plenty of power with its 440 engine.


Get the shot

Your reporter has been pretty good about getting a flu shot this time of year.  It might have been a good idea to get it earlier than usual this year.  That cold mentioned in this column last week was more than likely a type of flu.  That might explain why the zinc lozenges didn’t help.

The recovery has been slow, and that darn cough has lingered.

Yes, getting the flu shot in September next year could be a prudent plan.


Thanks for the tip

Thanks, Karla Bruchmann, for a tip about Brian Malinski, who finished two marathons after training one year.  He was inspired by his wife, who has bravely recovered from two strokes.  The story is on the feature page.