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Fabulous forecast time

            Itís very difficult to repeat as the Super Bowl champions, but Seattle might be the team to do it.

            Yes, itís time for another fabulous NFL forecast.

            Last year, this column broke a trend and actually came close to picking the champions.  Letís see what happens this year.

            During the last two seasons, somewhat unexpected surges catapulted teams to the top of the league.  Baltimore did it two seasons ago, and Seattle did it last year.  Who will it be this year?

            You canít rule out San Francisco.  They have been a top contender several seasons in a row.  The Packers have a solid lineup and an elite quarterback.  New England and Denver, of course, are again among the favorites.  New Orleans and Carolina could make a charge this year.  Baltimore and Indianapolis are proven winners, too.

            The Vikings?  Well, the defense is much improved, and they have two very good quarterbacks, plus a third who is quite talented, as well.  They could surprise the Bears and Packers.

            So, who comes out on top?  Look for Seattle, San Francisco, Green Bay, and the Vikings to show something in the NFC playoffs.  Denver, New England, Baltimore, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati will battle for the AFC pinnacle.

            It will be San Francisco and Denver in the Super Bowl.

            The Broncos win it all 34-27 over the 49ers. 


Thanks for the tip

            Thanks, Jan Rasset, for a tip about the 70th wedding anniversary of Marvin and Ellen Scheuble of Montrose.  Doug Voerding writes about it on the feature page this week.