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Warbirds and grilled brats

Firing up the grill, your reporterís firstborn son hosted a Fatherís Day barbecue at his home in Crystal.  Warbirds passed overhead as they approached the nearby Crystal Airport during an air show, which the family visited before the cooking in the backyard started.

Family members had conspired to surprise Dad with a gift that fills a need regarding his car.  The front bumper cover had been damaged last winter by a harder than expected snowbank.  The gift is a replacement cover, which your reporterís son will have painted, and then he will install it.  Very nice!  Dad was getting sick and tired of looking at that banged up bumper.

The brats from the grill, a little red Weber that had been passed down a generation and restored, were delicious, and no one seemed to mind joining Dad as he watched the U.S. Open while eating.

Family, grilled brats, gifts, warbirds, and the U.S. Open -- it doesnít get much better than that.


Dubious weather recap

About 1.3 inches of rain showed up in the gauge on the deck Saturday morning, June 20 after some thunder rattled the house during the night and sent the dog under the bed.  The gauge had .125 inches on Wednesday morning, June 17.

The high temperatures dipped to around 67 on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then we saw a steady climb to 84 on Fatherís Day, Sunday, June 21.  The overnight lows were mainly in the upper 50s.


Thanks for the fun

Thanks, Buffalo Days volunteers and organizers, for week of fun during the annual early summer festival.  Many Buffalo Days photos are shown on the feature page and elsewhere in the Journal-Press this week.