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Just being brothers

Seating on an airliner bound for Denver, three brothers, Will, Mike and Tom, were across the aisle, and another brother, Pat, was waiting in Colorado.

The younger brothers range in age from the mid-50s to 60, and the oldest (who is 62) looked at them and could vividly recall a similar setting when all the brothers were children.  The thought occurred that getting together like this is rare and special, and what fun to reunite and enjoy some time just being brothers again.

The golf weekend was based at Pat’s place in Breckenridge, where North America’s highest ski lift on Peak 8 is clearly visible from the driveway.  The first golf outing was at beautiful Keystone, where everyone was treated like royalty, the fairways were surrounded by gorgeous mountain scenery and the aspens were turning yellow under a sunny sky.  The course was challenging, but no one cared.  Brotherly fun and the breathtaking beauty of the place more than made up for frustrating shots, and here and there, each golfer’s best shots added to the joy.

The same thing happened the next day at the Breckenridge course, where Pat’s three sons enjoyed some brotherly bonding of their own as the first group.  A young vs. old best-ball competition increased the fun, and golf carts surrounded the final green as the final group chipped and putted.

Everyone gathered at Angel’s Hollow for a banquet-style celebration.  The flight home was quiet and subdued, but as the plane approached MSP, downtown Minneapolis and US Bank Stadium were visible.  The wonderful weekend concluded with everyone safe and sound at home watching the Vikings triumph over the Green Bay Packers in a home opener at the brand new Purple Palace.


Dubious weather recap

About half an inch of rain fell near the end of last week in the Buffalo area.  The highs were: 78, 75, 63, 67, 75, 76, and 71.  The lows: 53, 61, 51, 44, 56, 58, and 50.


Thanks for the story

Thanks, Ralph Ordorff, for showing how to age gracefully while doing something you enjoy.  See Ralph’s creations on the feature page.

He provided a little advise that you will see repeated here, “Watch out for the scammers.”  Like many of us, he hopes these words might help hinder those who would take advantage of senior citizens.