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Back in home community

It doesnít take long to get back into work mode at the newspaper following a vacation, especially when you have a very capable person filling in for you.  Doug Voerding already had a feature story finished last week for the next issue.

Doug, a retired English teacher who lives in Montrose, enjoys newspaper work, but maybe not so much at deadline time.  He regularly covers the Montrose and Hanover City Councils for us, and his willingness to take on more work during our vacations is much appreciated.  He puts his newspaper paychecks in his own vacation fund and often uses the money to stay at a nice lake cabin and go fishing.

Doug left several notes to help yours truly get back into the swing of things last Thursday, Aug. 18.  (Vacations are usually started and ended on Thursdays because the newspaper is printed on Wednesday and itís nice to have a whole week to prepare for the next issue.)  Most of Thursday and Friday last week were spent getting caught up with email messages and some weekly tasks, as well as conducting an interview for a future feature story.

Several weekend events kept us hopping.  Doug covered Montrose Days, and yours truly took photos at the Arts & Crafts Festival in Buffalo and the Gear-Head Get-Together in Maple Lake.

A longer vacation would have been nice, but it felt good to be back in the home community again, seeing familiar faces at the office and wherever the local news was happening.


Dubious weather recap

Rain amounts of the past week included .2 inches Wednesday morning, Aug. 17, 2.1 inches Friday morning, .25 inches Saturday morning, and .16 inches Sunday morning.  The high temperatures were: 79, 77, 82, 83, 78, 76, and 69.  The lows were: 61, 59, 64, 60, 63, 64, and 60.


Thanks for the help

Thanks, Doug Voerding, for all you do, from city council reports to various assignments when you are needed to your help during vacations.