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Waiting for spring

A box containing parts of a 20-foot flagpole, which had been ordered online, stayed in the spare bedroom during the last months of winter.  As spring approached, planning was underway for digging a hole next to the southwestern corner of the garage and the entryway to the front door of the house.  A nice, new flag was waiting in the closet.

The weather conditions that allowed the flagpole project to proceed coincided with the replacement of the shingles on the 29-year-old roof.  The shingles had been ordered when the hole for the flagpole was dug, and then cement filled the hole with a tube in the middle for the first section of the pole.  The roofing was underway as the cement cured and the first flagpole section waited in the tube to be joined with the other four sections.

With the roof finished, the time had come for the flagpole to be installed.  A level confirmed the first section was standing straight up and down.  The other four sections were connected and attached to a rope and pulley, and a golden ball on top.  The assembly fit perfectly on the first section.  Soon, the flag was attacked to the rope and then hoisted to the top of the pole.

Clouds filled the sky as the pole was assembled, and the air was still.  But soon after the flag was hoisted, the sun came out and a breeze unfurled the flag.

The moment was captured with a smartphone camera and shared on Facebook, inspiring several “likes” of approval.

During those last months of winter, the wait for spring was an anxious time, and now that the project is finished, the flagpole is ready for Memorial Day, the Fourth of July and subsequent patriotic holidays that will follow in the coming years.


Dubious weather recap

A new rain gauge was put outside just in time for a rainy week, which began with about .33 inches of rain Tuesday morning, a trace on Wednesday, .15 inches Thursday, a trace on Friday, and then 1.125 inches last Monday morning, April 25.  The highs last week were: 76, 76, 56, 65, 69, 59, and 69.  The lows were: 57, 57, 43, 50, 50, 43, and 37.


Thanks for the tip

Thanks, Animal Humane Society, for telling us about the Working Cats Program, which is coordinated at the Buffalo location.  See the story on the feature page.