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Zinc lozenges letdown

A popular cold fighting zinc lozenge usually does a good job of preventing a cold or at least reducing its severity and duration, but the lozenges failed this time around.

As soon as a scratchy throat was noticed on Wednesday last week, the lozenges were put to work.  While running nose and sneezing symptoms began the next day, the lozenges did not seem to be having any effect.  Coughing began a few days later, and then achiness and feverishness put your reporter to bed earlier than usual Sunday night.  This column is being written Monday, and although the sneezing and coughing have diminished, yours truly feels tired, weak and resigned to the reality that this cold will have to run its course.

With any luck, normal health will return by the end of the week.

The lozenges?  They have worked well on other occasions, so a new box is being purchased for another inevitable encounter with the dreaded cold virus.  Maybe when the next battle begins, the lozenges will be more effective.  Sure hope so.


Good time to check alarms

With Daylight Saving Time beginning Nov. 2, we are reminded by State Fire Marshal Bruce West that while you are changing your clocks you can also check your fire alarms and their batteries.

He goes a bit further and says the alarms should be checked monthly.  Working smoke alarms save lives, he said.

So, try to remember to push the test button every month on each alarm, and Daylight Saving Time is a good time to remember to check the batteries.

Smoke alarms older than ten years should replaced, West also recommended.


Thanks for the tip

Thanks, Mandy Duerr, for telling about Teamwork Africa and its work in Liberia.  This week’s feature story tells about her trip to Liberia a few months before a reemergence of Ebola took place.