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Money well spent

A friend called last week and described a situation in which his elderly mother had the roof on her home replaced.  However, there were leaks, and now the roofer is correcting mistakes that were made.

The purpose of the call was to share with readers the importance and value of a permit from the county for such projects.  With a permit, you also get an inspection to make sure the work is completed properly and up to code.

He said many people complain about the cost of a permit, but he pointed out it is money well spent.  If there is a problem with a project, a permit and inspection can help avoid spending thousands in legal costs, not to mention time in court.

So, the next time you are annoyed by the need for a permit, consider the time and money it could save.  The permit cost could be money well spent.


Nice for a change

The next time you go visit someone on a Sunday and suddenly remember it would be nice to bring along some wine or beer, you will be able to stop and buy some.  The Legislature has approved Sunday liquor sales, and the Governor signed the bill this week.

Buying liquor on Sunday is not a necessity, but how many times have you been annoyed when you would have liked to pick up something from the liquor store on a Sunday and could not because all the stores were closed?

Frankly, most of us would be fine without Sunday liquor, but being able to buy liquor if you want to on Sunday will be nice for a change.


Dubious weather recap

Before the temperature reached 60 degrees last Sunday, March 5, we had some light snow on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.  The highs were: 35, 43, 43, 35, 28, 32, and 42.  The lows were: 22, 24, 30, 21, 16, 11, and 25.


Thanks for the tip

Thanks, Brian Gilson, for a tip about Troop 312 in Montrose advancing five young men to the rank of Eagle Scout.  Doug Voerding wrote a story about it for the feature page this week.