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Rescued dog thriving

Friends who enjoy providing a home for dogs and cats who might otherwise have been lost due to neglect and abuse, welcomed a rescued German shepherd named Gabe into the household a while back.  During a visit last weekend, Gabe’s greeting was a robust police dog bark, which indicated he is feeling healthy and secure.

He was still young the last time your reporter and his wife saw him.  Today, he is fully grown, mature and majestic.  His owners, Ed and Beth, were burning buckthorn logs and branches, which had been cut and stacked earlier near their log home.  They live in a small forest they like to call Critterwood.  While everyone was relaxing around the campfire in a cement ring, it did not take long for Gabe to come over and get petted by each person.  He then settled down on some nearby high ground and watched over everything.  He looked downright regal.

Inspired by what your reporter’s wife likes to call a “noble dog pose,” your reporter snapped a few photos with his phone and later posted a photo on Facebook.  Gabe generated several “likes” right away.

People love a happy ending.  It’s great to see Gabe so happy, healthy and well adjusted.


Go, clean energy!

Xcel Energy recently announced that for the 11th straight year, they are the nation’s top utility wind energy provider.

The company has 5,794 megawatts of wind power in its portfolio, which is enough to meet the needs of 2.9 million homes.

The wind energy is helping Xcel reduce fuel costs for customers while not producing about 233,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

The company is planning to add 1,900 megawatts in additional wind projects soon.

Go, Xcel Energy!


Thanks for the story

Thanks, Ward Carlson, for an interview about your giant flag, which is back after being knocked down by a storm last fall.  See the story on the feature page.