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Well timed chore

One of those chores that keeps getting put off was finally accomplished last Sunday.

The weather was the usual excuse for not burning a bush in the backyard to make way for a garden.  You donít want to start a fire if the wind is blowing too hard, after all.

The conditions last Sunday afternoon were just about perfect.  The temperature was above freezing.  A breeze was moving the air just fast enough to carry the smoke away from the house and out over a nearby lake.  Enough snow was on the ground to use for smothering the fire if necessary.

The fire chief had been asked about the necessity of a permit.  He said a small fire in the backyard would not require a burning permit.

Taking out the bush involved a secondary goal, destroying some old receipts and bank statements.  They served as effective fire starting fuel.

The task was timed so the second half of the Seattle-Green Bay game could be seen.  Wow, that could not have worked out much better.  The game was switched on just as the near-miracle finish was getting underway.  Games with endings like that are quite rare.  Green Bay had the game won, but everything fell into place for Seattle in the last few minutes.

As for the fire, it wasnít long before the backyard had a void where the bush had been.  As the flames disappeared, snow was piled on top of the ashes.  A small opening appeared later and was covered with more snow.

This spring, a new task could involve the charred space.  Its location would be just right for a new garden.  By then, the last hockey playoff games will be on TV.  Some planning will be required to time the garden prep work around the games.


Thanks for the tip

Thanks, Dave Casey, for telling the reporterís wife about your sonís auditions for American Idol.  See Kemil Caseyís story on the feature page.