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Time to go home

            The Jack Russell terrier named Trina often goes along with the family member known as Daddy when he plays disc golf at the park.  However, Trina will only willingly walk one round.  If Daddy tries to begin a second round, Trina applies the brakes and tugs against the leash in the direction of home.

            “Do you want to go home?” she is asked.  Her reply involves stronger, more emphatic tugs in the direction of the house.

            Daddy didn’t think Trina would know where the round ended at an RV resort last weekend.  Because of thorny underbrush along narrow fairways, the site is playfully referred to by Daddy as “the disc golf course from hell.”

            The first round last weekend was completed quickly and with no loss of discs, so Daddy suggested  a second round, and Mommy agreed.  But then she asked, ”What about Trina?”

            “Oh, she won’t know we finished.  She’ll think we’re playing the tenth fairway,” Daddy said confidently.

            Trina appeared anxious to continue, but then she started sniffing the area around the first tee, and suddenly she seemed to realize this was the starting point.  She immediately begin tugging in the direction of the cart that was parked on the other side of some trees.

            Daddy’s luck continued to go badly.  After not losing any discs during the first nine holes of play, his tee shot to start the second round sailed into the woods just off the fairway.  It was not far into the woods, but several minutes of trampling thorny vines produced no evidence of the bright orange disc.

            Meanwhile, Trina saw the cart through a gap in the trees and tugged even harder in the direction of her ride back to the RV.

            “So, she would think it was the tenth fairway, eh?” Mommy teased.

            Dejected and still missing his orange disc, Daddy consented to calling it a day.

            Trina was more than excited to ride in the cart.


This little story was written in memory of (and in tribute to) Trina’s other Mommy, Cathy Reich, who passed away recently.  Trina was purchased from Cathy a little over eight years ago and has been a constant source of fun and excitement ever since.


Thanks for the tip

            Thanks, Pat O’Malley, for a tip about the garden program at the county jail.  A story about the program is on the feature page this week.