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Extraordinary ride

During an otherwise typical weekend, a drive from Buffalo to St. Michael at just the right time provided some pizzazz.

Mother Nature does that now and then.  The sun was getting close to the horizon, and its rays at that time of day bring out the red, orange and yellow in the autumn leaves.  Driving along CSAH 35 with the sun behind the car, the intensity of the fall colors was popping out of every tree stand.

The usual drive on that road was suddenly a Disney ride.  The trees and leaves took on a vivid, glitzy quality, which seemed to morph and transform as the car whipped along.

The conditions were near perfect.  The air was still.  The sky behind the trees was a bit dark, which helped the brilliant color of the evening light stand out more than usual.

Upon arriving in St. Michael, the driver felt a desire to return to Buffalo and start the drive all over again.  But of course, the moment would have been lost.  All the elements that needed to come together at the right time would have expired.

Their timely display will now live on in the observer’s memory for as long as possible.  That kind of pizzazz doesn’t come along very often.  It’s gift was a spectacle on an ordinarily ho-hum trip.


Beware of scams

Just a reminder to “watch out for the scammers.”  They can be very convincing, but check it out before you commit to anything.  If they want an answer right away, that should be a red flag for you.


Dubious weather recap

A few recent nights flirted with frost last week.  The highs were: 59, 72, 63, 47, 54, 63, and 68.  The lows were: 33, 52, 47, 40, 35, 43, and 45.  Only .1 inches of rain fell, and that was seen in the gauge on the deck Wednesday morning, Oct. 12.


Thanks for the tip

Thanks, Frank Jaeger, for a tip a few months ago about your son, Karl, who served as the Ryder Cup artist.  See the feature page this week.  Karl and Frank tell about their Ryder Cup experience.