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Suddenly cleared out

Sometimes a task at home awaits, and you keep getting sidetracked because life happens and you need to take care of other things before you can get at that waiting task.

Besides, that waiting task is no fun, and there are many other things you would like to be doing.

But then one day things just seem to fall into place.  Your schedule opens up.  And for whatever reason, inspiration hits you and you dig in, taking on that task you kept pushing back.

You look back later, and you are still not quite sure what got into you.  But last Saturday, you started taking things out of the spare bedroom, which had been collecting things for years.  You and your wife have plans for that room, and it was about time to start getting it cleared out.

Boxes of older electronic gear were the first things to go.  They will be saved in another part of the basement for the next community cleanup day.  An empty space encouraged more clearing.  Boxes of old magazines, which were saved even though you knew there was no reasons to save them, were soon out.  Other things included boxes that will be going to a sonís new home.

It felt so good to remove things, even more was removed on Sunday.

All that remains to do is set up a time for some furniture and two older TVs to be picked up.

Now you wonder why you put off the task so long.  Getting rid of stuff can be fun.


Dubious weather recap

Sunny days were enjoyed last week.  The highs were: 64, 63, 63, 67, 74, 73, and 77.  The lows were: 32, 42, 43, 37, 49, 51, and 47.  Wetter weather was on the way.


Thanks for the story

Thanks, Marc Mattice, for a look at new amenities in Bertram Chain of Lakes Regional Park.  You can see them on the feature page this week.