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Christmas itinerary clicks

Sometimes a busy day of traveling to social gatherings can work out just fine, and sometimes it does not.  Fortunately, one of those days last weekend came together very nicely.

Friends had invited several couples to an annual tree decorating party, which got underway around 3 p.m.  The decorating part was completed quickly, with various people picking up and feeding strings of lights and tinsel to brave individuals on ladders.  Then it was time for some Christmas season treats and some chatting in the living room.

It would have been great to stay a little longer, but around 5:30 it was time to head to Lakeville for a family Christmas party.  Along the way, a traffic backup was dodged and a stop was made at the mall in Minnetonka to pick up a Christmas gift.

The gathering in Lakeville was just getting warmed up, and there was still plenty of seasonal fare to fill up any empty spaces.

It was great to see Grandma, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews, and tiny members of the newest generation.

Uncle Will had performed a merry Christmas good deed earlier in the week, and Aunt Terry had provided information about his favorite brew, which he received with a red ribbon on top.  He seemed genuinely surprised and pleased.

The arrival back in Buffalo was around 12:30 a.m., but the day had come together so nicely, no one seemed to mind going to bed so late.


Gambling with future

The Minnesota State Lottery has issued some Christmas season advice against using lottery tickets as stocking stuffers for anyone under the age of 18.

Studies have shown a strong correlation between adult gambling problems and exposure to lottery games at an early age.  When parents give gambling-related gifts to their children, they are gambling with their children’s future.


Thanks for the tip

Thanks, Bruce Anderson of our ad sales office, for a tip about drone builder and flier Chris Reed.  You can read about his interesting hobby on the feature page.