Sleek and fast looking, this homebuilt F1 Rocket belonging to Bruce Topp earned a Bronze Lindy Award at the huge annual air show in Oshkosh last month.  Hangar mate Mike Reid also brought home an award for his RV-7A.  They worked on their airplanes together over the past 6-7 years.  (Photos by Ed DuBois)


Hardware from Oshkosh includes a Bronze Lindy Award (left) and an Outstanding Workmanship Award (right).


Seated in his F1 Rocket, Bruce Topp appears ready for takeoff.


The latest in avionics can be seen in the cockpit of Reid's RV-7A.


Warming up the engine and checking systems, Reid prepares to give a guest a ride over Buffalo and Maple Lake in his RV-7A.  (Photo by Bruce Topp)