Buffalo High School teachers have been meeting this summer to prepare for the upcoming school year, learning how to add the AVID curriculum into their own classes. AVID strategies are considered best practices and are designed to increase student success in all of their classes. Above are, from left, Dan Schneider, Science; Vicki Cary, English; Gerice Olson, Phy Ed and Health; Mike Curry, Social Studies; Cassie Mix, Mathematics; Jen Sheedy, Science; Sarah Rosenwald, Science; Mike Bloch, Mathematics; Anita Trutwin, Work Experience; and Joe Pokorney, English. (Photo by Doug Voerding)


Lacy Schramm, Buffalo High School Social Studies teacher and AVID coordinator, listens and records ideas during a recent teacher work session. Schramm, along with other Buffalo teachers, has attended several AVID workshops and conventions and brings the AVID strategies back to Buffalo.


Last year, participants in the Buffalo High School AVID program attended a leadership conference. Above, from the top, are Nick Johnson, Lucas Leiferman, Dylan Meyer, Carsten Timmerman, Brandon Weber, Jaden Perkins, Joey Wingrove, Austin Hill, Aimee Swanson, Amy Olson, Rachel Westphal, Lydia Jagodinski, Autumn Pappenfus, Tori Zinser, Salina Opstad, Ashley Weber, Otitti Mayo, Kaylee Reineccius, Emerald Madison, and Cassie Whited. (Submitted photo)


During the last school year, Austyn Walker, right, presents her question in an AVID Tutorial Study Group. (Submitted photo)


From left, Brandon Weber, Tommy Bean, Julia Huston, and Mia Woodwick collaborate on a research paper in the AVID elective class. Research, writing, and collaborative skills are all part of the AVID curriculum designed for students to be successful in preparing for college. (Submitted photo)