A mock suspect in this training scenario aims a weapon, forcing Citizen Academy participant Robin Dorf (left) of Monticello to decide whether or not to fire her non-lethal handgun.  Sgt. Brian Johnson is on the right.  The mock bad guy is portrayed by Reserve Deputy Blake LeMire (center). (Photos by Ed DuBois)


Preparing for scenario-based training, Sgt. Brian Johnson (right) tells about the non-lethal weapon being used.  The Citizen Academy participants include (from left): Terry Marsh of Buffalo, Joe Brown of Buffalo, Robin Dorf of Monticello, and Kristi Clouthier of Annandale.


Firearms instructor Todd Jorgenson (right) works with Citizen Academy participant Robin Dorf (left) of Monticello as she prepares to fire a Glock handgun.


A mock attack is taking place in this scenario as Citizen Academy participant Mike Voss (far left) of Buffalo approaches with Sgt. Brian Johnson.  The others are (from left) Reserve Deputy Loren Bad Heart Bull and Reserve Deputy Blake LeMire.