53 Feed & Seed

For sale: 30 round bales, first crop grass, 900-1,000 lbs., 300 square bales little ones, second crop. 40 little bales of straw. 320-286-9998.

Nice small square wheatstraw bales for sale. 763-639-6583.

Nice horse hay, grass, alfalfa mix, 4x5 round bales, bale dry, stored inside, $50. 320-963-3119.

400+ bales, all grass, no rain, 45-lb bales, first and second, $5/bale, 50 minimum. 320-558-2245/320-309-7838.

Round bales grass and alfalfa mixed, net wrapped, stored inside. Round-wrapped high moisture. 3x3x8 hay bales. 3x3x8 straw. Delivery avail. 952-353-2247.

Grass and meadow hay, 4x5 round bales, net-wrapped, stored inside. 612-201-2394.

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